Are there cheaters in this game?

Heya so my friend has had some peculiar things happen. He was playing a 1v1 and at end of game had 10k more wood, 8k more food, 5k more gold. And his opponent was spamming cavaliers against camels, goes on for a while and just wave after wave die. Eventually my friend runs out of gold switches to pikes, spams the market constantly to get gold for camels.

Then at around 1:20 which is trashwar time, he turns up with 100 paladins, (5 minutes earlier he lost about 50 cavaliers. So he built 100 paladins and got the upgrade.)

Does this game have anticheat or is it full of cheaters? I remember voobly had absolutely 0 cheaters as the anticheat was strong.

EDIT: His opponent was lith

there is no cheaters in this game that i have ever seen in my 2700 hours of experience. sounds like his oponent found an extra gold pile or was just tacking better fights and had less unit turnover

just check replay and find out. Or at least link to

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Definitely watch the replay. Either your friend will catch a cheater or your friend will learn something new to improve their skills.

The number of cheaters is small. Smurf accounts are much more common. But it might also possible that the opponent was just stronger then your friend. If you have a much better eco, then you can still win the match up from knight line vs camel line.

To really found out what is happening in that game, just look at the reply and search for something curious. My first impression based on what you told us, it that your friends eco was just much worse, which lost him the game.

Thanks guys im gonna ask him to send me the replay and watch those resources properly and look at eco.