Are we expecting an update including "Porto" today/tomorrow?

It’s been quite a while since the “Porto” codenamed DLC was added to SteamDB. Many were saying they’re waiting for the Venetian Ball Event to end to release the DLC.

I think the devs should give us something to look forward to, instead of all the excitement dying down. What do you guys think?

  • I think we’ll get some news today/tomorrow
  • In a few weeks
  • More than a few weeks

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After 4 months or so without an update, and no big tourney, it got rather clear that the devs don’t quite care about AoE2 all that much anymore.

That being said, the DLC being added to the steam database a lot earlier than any actual news for it, was a nice way to throw us a bone to not die of starvation completely.

Sloppy job honestly, and I don’t think the devs can deny it either. After AoE4 got released everyone here got worried that MS will stop caring about AoE2 and focus only on AoE4. And what did they do, they said “exciting stuff is coming” and then radio silence, proving all of those fears completely justified and correct.

And not even 6 months after release, AoE2 has double the average players, I won’t even bother comparing watch time on YT and Twitch.

Sure, we will get the DLC. I can put a guesstimate that it will be late May that the DLC will arrive. But even with my skepticism and pessimistic outlook I truly did not anticipate that the DLC will come so long after any meaningful update to the game.

Even AoE3, absolute props to the devs, wow like, how many dlcs has the game had? 3? 4? In half the time AoE2 has been out, and more regular updates, and bigger too.

I know that modding AoE3 is easier than AoE2, but still, come on guys.

Oh, and to add, though it will be hard to articulate my feelings without using bold words that should be avoided on a public forum:

We, the long time fans, will keep playing AoE2 and AoE3. I have been doing it from the day I can hold a mouse and I will keep doing it until the day I can’t hold a mouse anymore. The DLCs are nice, keep them coming, no negativity here. And I’m well aware that it’s not the FE devs’ fault for what’s happening. It’s MS’s marketing team that has to be held responsible. And to you, I am telling you- you had a really good chance and making a good AoE game. You blew that. Then you had a really good chance at having a competitive AoE2 and a casual oriented AoE4. You blew that too. But we don’t care. We will keep playing AoE2 and 3, and we will give you another chance with AoE5. Don’t blow that one too, please.


I don’t agree with the choices in the poll. I don’t think it needs more time, I think they need to start building hype soon, but I also don’t think they are likely to do so based on past form. I don’t think either option is accurate, because I wish we would get news in the next few days ideally, but I think we would be lucky if we get news in a few weeks.

Updated the choices.

Better. If only think and want could be the same thing now.

I’m glad you understand who’s to blame.


I’ve already voted in a few weeks, but it would be good to have options say for, “later this week”, “next week” or “in a couple of weeks’ time”.

the devs promised a roadmap in NOVEMBER! so i dont expect anything from them. we are now at a point with zero communication from the devs and uptades without any content (cosmetics are not my thing). i’m slowly loosing my faith tbh. even more when it is impossible for 5 months to watch any nomad start replays (even worse cause we had a nomad style tournament recently (wandering warriors cup)). i seriously dont get why the devs seem so ridiculously lazy to communicate with the people who play and love the game…


wait NOVEMBER? so basically this year we have no dlc for aoe2? maybe they focusing on AoE4

I don’t play AoEIIDE much, AoEIIIDE is my baby but it is quite peculiar how Porto was discovered in the SteamDB database but four months later nothing. Usually the wait between the uploading to the database and release is relatively short.

If you want to assuage the concerns of AoEIII and AoEIII players a reassurance is all that’s needed. AoEII players got this but this Porto thing is weird. AoEIV doesn’t seem to have impacted AoEIIIDE numbers, thankfully.


in November 2021, he means

oh, sure, i remember. We have no notices yet. What a misterious thing.

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thats what they posted on November 18th:

  • So. Much. Stuff.
    • With last month’s amazing launch of Age of Empires IV, we know our players are curious about what this means for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Will we abandon our longest-enduring classic RTS to focus on our new release? :scream::scream::scream:
    • NO WAY! While we’re thrilled for everything coming for Age of Empires IV, we’re happy to reassure our Age II players that the excitement around Age IV means MORE for you, not less. We’re planning to support Age II: DE for a long, long time, and will soon be able to share an exciting roadmap, with some genuinely awesome reveals coming in the months ahead! – stay tuned and WOLOLO!

What does “soon” mean for them i wonder 11

20 characters etc


i’m quite sure most developers are forced to work on trying to save aoe4 at the moment. so yes aoe2 is being abandoned for aoe4 at least for a while. i hope they’ll fix aoe4 soon or let it rot in peace as long as it brings some more attention back to the better game.

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Still waiting for the advertised roadmap for AOE 2 DE (since November) - false advertisement.
Still waiting for the advertised news that got advertised with the update after the November update - false advertisement.

AOE 4 is dead already and different dev team, so this can’t be a argument. Keep relic devs away from AOE 2 DE, or the game will fall.


It will come soon in May or June, don’t worry.

Of course,in fact if they do not recover aoe 4, we can say goodbye to the saga forever…

Relic does not have to do with aoe 2 or any of the DE, they only take care of aoe 4, so if the game fails it is their fault and MS for entrusting them with the saga after the milestone that was dawn of war 3 …


Maybe they will announce something in April as they did last year and launch dlcs for the 3 games and at E3 in June the AoM DE will be announced…