Are we expecting too much from here?

  1. Balance
    All players here know the biggest issue is Sweden, unlike buffing Sweden to a insane level within 2 weeks, every time for nerfing Sweden needs at least 1 months ~ 2 months.
    Even Sweden only are already messing up the balance since this game released, we are still not talking about other civs.
    The reaction just like to keep Sweden players and give up other civs players.

  2. Bugs
    Attack moves, TP sometimes can’t be built, etc.

  3. Functional issue
    Wall column can be refund, we delete something we don’t want and are able to get back some resource.
    Herding leaves too quickly, at this game eco houses are leading this game’s economic even other players still need to pay more attention to herd the hunts.

Above issues are not mentioned only once or twice and not only me. This game released already almost half year and Dev basically has no reaction except their new civ design’s fans were complaining.

For balance issue we still can play unrank game and list in game room we doesn’t want this civ to join. How about other issues?
This is not several events can keep the people stay and reaction from official is also affecting not only AOE3DE, we will start to worry will this also be same situation from AOE4?


Looking at the announced feature add-on patch, it seems that the developers figured out what the game needed, but still they seem to be trying to keep their stubbornness.

I think the developer’s enthusiasm for the game is somewhat acceptable. And it will be recognized in this March patch note. Or maybe the opposite. I expect a lot of people to be disappointed if there aren’t any improvements other than adding features in this March patch.

I think peoples expectation of how much the developers can do in a short time is unreasonable. They clearly care about the game and are surely aware of balance issues that should be addressed. However, we had to play with Japan and old French for literal years in the previous version and never got anything fixed. The game is still brand new, give it a few more months for them to catch up on things we want to see in the game.

I would like to see new civs, new cards, and new mechanics added to the game. These are the things that will bring people to the game. Balance is going to be a secondary addition unless there is something absurdly egregious that gets added/found in the game.

AOE4 is being developed by a different studio and has no connection to this one.


To be fair I am not meaning all this dev did are bad.

But obviously Sweden had a totally different treat compared to other civs. (Buff was given for nerfing, 2 week for buff but long time without nerf, once they got buff again will be several items, China or az even were bottom civs only got little).

From the last balance patch at least I was amazing and suprised dev can have this efficiency, so why other issues need such long time.

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For balance adjustment, it is necessary to set it based on 1vs1 by default, but it is also a problem that as the developer adds a treaty, there are more things to consider. Most of the problems that arise are caused by the developers themselves, but they seem unwilling to solve them.

Everyone, whether you or me, has argued for a balance between Sweden and the Incas, but the developers seem to be deliberately disregarding it. I have never seen the opinions claimed by everyone, including myself, reflected.

As I mentioned, Dev seems also reading post here and they made some adjustment for China and Az too, I don’t think they really ignore the guys discussing here. However, the time needed between nerfing and buffing their design civ is totally different, also buffing bottom civs need a long time. This is obvious different treatment.

Except the balance problem, how about bugs and functional issues? Can’t we see the post were saying this game is getting less and less players?

I don’t think their efficiency is ok except buffed Sweden within 2 weeks.

Just give it time.
It could be that they are doing experiments with the civ.
When the big nerf came, the idea of it was to change the one dimensional design the civ had. But it turned out that the civ became unplayable because of it, so they buffed them again.
Then came the buffs to Sweden that took them to top tier.
Also there are several aspects of the civ that are still being discovered.
So I believe the civ will probably continue to have big adjustments for a while bringing them to top tier and botton tier now and them

At first I found the hunts migration a bit annoying too, but now I realized it is probably for the best. Hunts used to be very safe with a bit of handling in TAD, but now hunting is risky. This is a nerf to “safe” civs and i am starting to think it is intentional.


To be honest, the only thing i want from.the next patch is for them to fix blurry units when they move. All other changes are important to me too, but having them break them (at least in TAA) since once of the january patches and not revert that specific change makes me a little dissapointed

Give the devs some time to do stuff.
In the Age of Internet we get responses much more quickly and ideas boom much faster, but actually implementing stuff still need time. Considering they are adding things like resource gathering rates and visible ranges, this means they are at least aware of what the game needs.

BUT this does not mean some problems right now are tolerable, so keep discussing.

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Another thing we need badly is better communication, which the devs promised we would have in the patch notes last year and it remained a promise until then, with one or two specific instances. Tell us what bugs you are currently tracked and what vision do you have for the next content drop and such

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I’m pretty happy with what we’re getting from the Devs. Sure, we all wish we could have major updates every week, but given the game’s size and player base, I think what we are getting is pretty reasonable.

I agree, it would be nice to hear from the every now and then here in the forums, to get some insight or their plans and workflow as well as feedback on some of the proposals that players make.

I am glad you finally figure out the truth.
I gave up this game in December since they keep nerfing Spain but did nothing to Japan :wink:
Time is limited and I won’t wait forever when the number of active players keep decreasing.

To tall about dev efficiency,
Not only 2 weeks for buffing Sweden and messed it up again, if we remember the most serious bug that can affect windows, the efficiency was also great at that time.

The time we gave already but is not unlimited as players will leave and see how many friends around us are still playing?