Are we going to wait another month for mexicon nerf?

So we have to face mexicon mexicon mexicon and mexicon on QS until january update?
Tho many top players have quitted in the past 2 month, i still want to stay in aoe3 and have some competitive games. Give me a chance, devs.


Yeah and let me be the first to say “bite me” to all the lamers who are not experimenting at all with the civ but everyone going with the instawin.


What is the instawin strat? I’ve won every game vs Mexico (4) in qs 1v1.

I played three games against seperate players yesterday. They all did the same revolution/ revolution artillery.

I think I have come up with a way to counter it and will try it today.

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yeah thats the problem, everyone gonna FI at 7min30 or 8 min and just destroy everythings instead of learning the civ properly and just playing the civ normally without abusing stuff, i mean ELO is so important you know


I tried that and it’s quite boring, only revolution I do is central america to rush boomy civs like dutch or brit. Against other civs I like to boom myself with haciendas.

I don’t think so Mexican is really op and I’ve played Mexican civ lot and it is average good.

True, the civ seems pretty complex and has a lot to offer.

Mexico is DEFINITELY OP … Just got Filibustered super hard

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You get a ton of xp from killing those if I remember right. I guess it could work if you’re surprised though.

My counter to the revolution flopped badly.

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The only strat I’m seeing anyone play is the double revolution. Anyone else seeing this?

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Not seen it at all, only on youtube. I mostly see the hacienda boom or the central america rush with falcs.