Are we victims of random bans?

I got banned for 160h, and have no clue why. I asked for the reason. I feel like i should be allowed to know , as only with propper information i’m able to not do te same “mistake” again. This is the admins response:

Hello again,

Sadly, we are unable to provide any further information on this matter.
Reports are submitted by other players in-game so our Security Team do not make decisions on their own.
If you do not have a stable network connection, this may also read as inactivity so please make sure that your connection is stable when you join a multiplayer game.

We reserve the right to ban any or all of your in-game accounts at our discretion in the interests of maintaining a stable and fair environment for all of our players.
For more information, please refer to Code of Conduct.

Basiclly this means, that i can go report random ppl for random reasons, and maybe they might get banned? Is this a good system? Is this how admins are supposed to work?

I remember a game where my team decided to report me for not walling where i didnt even was supposed to and one day later i got an 24 hour ban.

They dont even bother to check the case, they just hit some standard lines as awnser. Thats not how it should be.

Its just a joke, and not even a good one.



Yes. I think you was queuing with some pre-made team of 3 and they report you striaght away after your team lose. I think you can share your game name here and we can check the game history for you to see who did these bad thing on you. So that we can have evidence for the devs and they can do something on it



is this you? it seems that this account just play a game one hour before. which after you create this post

hhebro gaming thx a lot. but do you feel like you/we should do the job from the admins?

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They won’t do anything dude

I’ve had the opposite problem. Reported a guy for extremely abusive chat, wishing me and my parents dead, calling me every expletive you can think of and nothing happened. Checked his stats he was still playing on the ladder the next few days… and weeks… and months after. I think this is because they don’t have time to verify individual reports on one player. So they just do the lazy approach of “Oh, 3 people reported him so he must be bad”. That way they don’t have to investigate anything, they can just look at how many people reported you. If it’s more than 1 report, you get automatically banned. If it’s only 1, they ignore the report. At least that’s what it seems like from experience.