Are you happy?

Are you happy? Do you still think that this game will arrive in the “real release version” anytime soon?
Can you speak for yourself or can you see that something went wrong with this game?
I’m still waiting for a game where I really feel happy to be playing, like are aoe3 or aoe2 !!


Yes I am. Thanks for asking.


En general, feliz, pero siempre estoy listo para recibir más contenido.

Fue lanzado en un estado beta, muy triste, pero soy demasiado viejo para pensar en nuevas quejas.

Reading this response made me chuckle and that makes me happy. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m happy how the things are going. It will be better and better with time


if they add the other half of this game in and fix the damn drop hack. yea might be happy.
Right now …hell no


I’m waiting for HRE overhaul because right now it’s nothing but an easily countered one-trick pony with no synergy, or what makes it special beyond “eco boost”.

We’re not gonna get that until they finally make campaigns for other 4 civs and who knows when those will come out.

I’m still eagerly awaiting my Craig Mullins art compilation. Should be any day now…


Yeah, apart from that, I’m fine with the game.

Also looking forward to that day though.

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No I’m not happy with the game in its current state and the rate in which it’s improving. But I still keep playing because I hope the community can fix most of those problems through modding. It’s only a small hope though, since generally you need a big community in the first place if you want good mods on a large scale and most players already left. But who knows, maybe it does get better in the next months.

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After almost 5 months, I haven’t seen any significant changes, only small changes, not even rank they can bring to the game, do you really think they are able to finish this?


nope its too late but mod can but its bugged and unfinished

Whats so wrong with the game?

Not in the slightest. Just played my last game of AOE.

This was my three games tonight…

Get Delhi late feudal rushed with a dozen horseman and two dozen archers (that they get to double produce thereby saving 300 wood for the extra stable/range). Accompanied by 8 scholars with herbal medicine so nothing can be killed. And just for good measure, they get all the plus 1 upgrades for free.

China barbican rushes me on KOTH, puts it on the only wood line with about 10 miles of my TC (also covers the berries). I spot it out just after they start building it. Pull 12 villages and 2 scouts, still can’t kill the villagers before they finish building because china’s villages build so fast. Lose like 4 villagers immediately after barbican finishes since they were all there trying to stop it. The guy then proceeds to stone tower my gold, other wood line. Only have one barracks and with no wood, nothing else I can do to fight back.

Game three, decide not to dodge mountain pass for once. Guy plays Rus. The pass is not in the middle, but at the far side away from my base. Before I even hit feudal, he has three rows of Palisades walls with wooden fortresses behind it. He rushes castle (which btw, allows him to quickly get the 4 relics, because somehow the game still has 4v1 relic spawns on split maps) and then proceeds to make about a half dozen trebs and a dozen springalds and just slow marches forward keeping all his seige safe under keeps with spears and crossbows so I can’t even. Just constantly getting hit by siege units I can’t even see. All my siege is outranged and cant run in calvary into his spears/crossbows/keeps

And I know there is a spring patch coming, but it’s not going to change anything. None of the above issues are being addressed. This patch has no nerfs to Delhi (herbal medicine), its not doing anything with Rus springald range, and it’s not doing anything with stone walls in feudal, stone towers, or how quickly you can throw up structures in other people’s bases.

I can’t do it anymore.

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Long story short: