Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me? Last few months, I’m losing rank, every game. I finally start winning some matches, and you introduce this weird AF Nile Delta? At least give a decent description of the map in the launch room. The other team had the whole sea, and I’m stuck in BFE, trying to scout with a transport.

You can always have a look in the in-game editor to see some map gens to have a look at the map gen if you don’t know a map.

That being said, Nile Delta is a terrible map and the devs are really trolling with us by picking this map for us.

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I actually don’t mind Nile Delta for 1v1s :smiley: Haven’t played it in team games yet though.

Yeah, I thought of that after posting this. I just figured, it’s AOE, I should at least have some gold and stone nearby. Anyway, I think I’ll just ban it. It’s way too lopsided for people at my rank.

I was playing a 2v2. My tm spawned on the left shore/continent, both of the other team spawned on the right shore/continent, and I spawned on the northernmost island, and couldn’t find gold or stone until I landed four times. That was my second TC, and it got castle-dropped immediately.

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