Hi everyone,

I’m as new as it gets when it comes to mods.

Is it possible to do an effect area?
Let’s say, for instance, that a monk within 10 tiles radius from a church would convert 50% faster, but the effect would only apply as long as the monk was in that area.

Also, can i use any “spot” in data that is empty, or is there an order i should follow?

theres probably a way to do it, but no one has found out how without adding some hard coded stuff. wish someone could share their findings on this.

however I heard that with trigger in a scenario, you could probably adjust tiles and that might work.


I’ve heard of those kind of things done in the scenario editor, but i wanted to modified so it would be part of the data mod (in all maps, and super ideally work is if it were part of the original game) … :confused:

When you say hard coded, is there a way to modify the code of the game itself?
If so, do you know in which language is it written?

there is a mod called PCM it modifies the exe file and some other files on the original AOC game and added bunch of features such as health loss over time, special abilities etc.

with AOE2DE that is probably no chance since game is still getting updates, further more can’t play multiplayer if its changed.


I believe i found what you mentioned (it’s actually made by a fellow countryman :smiley:), and it’s quite hardcore :no_mouth:

I guess i’ll keep trying and hoping that someone with more knowledge than me, can lend a hand.

Thank you, in any case :slight_smile: