Arena of the Gods - Co-op mode scrapped?

Just check the Steam store page, no more mention of the co-op mode with blessings, etc. Never pre-order guys just lost my hype.

Get ready for more excitement! A new game mode is coming post-launch!

The mode is being delayed.

Don’t preorder games in general.
If this mode is important for you you should probably wait before you buy the game.


I know it is being delayed but entirely removing it from the store page when it was there stating “Arena of the Gods will arrive post launch” seems they entirely not sure whether that feature is going to be in-game even at post launch. Better tell the feature is scrapped from the start…

I really hope that this feature still makes it to the game, but yes, removing it from the Steam page is not a good sign, especially with no official statement made by the developers about why they did that.


We still have no idea what this mode is even supposed to be.
It could be something massive or just a single coop scenario.

We don’t know how it plays like, what you do in it, what those blessings are supposed to be and so on.

I never got hyped for this mode because I just don’t know what it is.
I don’t want to use my imagination to turn it into something awesome just to be disappointed by reality eventually.

Ninja edits are always fun. I am interested in the game mode but like @Skadidesu said we really don’t have anything to go by other than a short description. I expect that there will be some Art of War missions in the game as well based on previous statements from World’s Edge but as far as I know this hasn’t been confirmed for release.

Its clear World’s Edge is pushing to release by September 4th. No announcement for insiders to beta test, like ALL releases since Age of Empires: DE. Hopefully the game is not a buggy mess on release day.

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