Arena RMS Should be play as Empire War

Cuz i’m not english speaker.
It’s hard to understand u.

The map’s characteristics are suitable for Empire war and

We can save many time. Most of Aoe2 fan are now 30s, over 25, having work.

and there are no Dark ages’ stratege in ARENA (even If I can exaggerate, including most of case of BF)

If It’s really need for Team, 1vs1 Rank.

It should be play as Empire war type.


I’ve never liked this excuse, in any game ever, because it usually follows with some way to make the game easier and more convenient and dumbed down, and this is coming from someone in his 30s, who works 60+ hours a week.

if you want to play empires war you can play empires war, i do agree there should be a ladder for it though, but not by changing arena. changing arena would impact those who like to play arena as it is, and its the second most popular map in single player as is.


I dont understand the logic? Since most people get older, we need to switch from RM to EW for Arena?!

Part of the strategy on Arena is the build order, which is just mostly Dark age. Some civs can up much quicker then other civs and thus have an edge in castle age aggression or relics. If we just start in Feudal, you just totally neglict that part of the game.

Also some players tries to tower rush in feudal (not sure how popular that strat is nowadays). Such strat will also be killed if everyone starts in feudal age.

Then we also have a civ like the cumans. You can go for a 2TC boom in feudal age. You need to up very quickly for this strat as well. So if everyone is just starting in feudal age, you also kill this kind of strategy.

So changing the start to Feudal age, will have a massive impact on the viable startegies.


Emipre War should has a separated ranked mode and map pool.
Not only Arena, we should also move other walled maps, BF and Budapest to EW map pool. And remove or at least unpin these maps from the standard ranked mode.

You must not be familiar with the arena scene, then
Because the dark age is more important on arena than any other map lol
Builds are always necessary but on arena they’re super crucial since you don’t have windows for feudal aggression


haha if dark is so important?

Then Why do we make Empire war? and What is redbull now?
SOme of aoe2 maps are not good normal RMS.

empire wars is one of the least played game modes available and red bull wanted a tournament with action straight from the start so they chose empire wars.

it still isn’t paying nearly as much as the other big name tournaments.

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Why do we have King of the Hill and regicide?

what i’m saying is some of maps for Post IMP fight
are very good for EM type game, not RMS

I agree to an extent, in that my personal preference is not to play maps that don’t start till Castle age. I find executing a build in dark and feudal to be boring. I’m all about build orders, but to me spending 14 game minutes doing nothing but micro my economy and scout the middle of the map isn’t very enjoyable.

That said the way I handle this issue by having arena perma blocked in my pool so I never pull it in 1v1s. I dont think the answer is to change Arena, since that’s a map that had a community that enjoys playing it as is, so I wouldn’t want to ruin that for them.

I think it might be fun to have a new map introduced to the rotation some time, that’s similar to arena, but with an empire wars start, just to see how people like it.

This is never an argument. The game has many mods you can just choose what you want to play, and for arena actually if you are talking on saving time, actually arena is more quick to play than arabia.