Arena scenario for DE?

Has anyone made an Arena scenario for DE? I really liked this scenario on legacy. I bet theres big demand for one if anyone wants to make one


Someone please remake Arena for DE, I miss it every day.

Is there actually any kind of scenario modding community in AoE3 anymore? I remember back in legacy days there was a relatively substantial group of people who made scenarios. Would like to find someone who could help me actually make the arena files I have playable for DE.

What’s broken about the old maps?

You could have spend those 8 months into learning the editor.
There are a bunch of new triggers and some old triggers that never worked in Multiplayer now finally do.

Plus some new assets like a captureable flag that are quit useful for scenarios like that.

A link to download the legacy arena map ?

Normally, scenarios of the original game are compatible in the DE. I’ve never had too many problems opening an old scenario in the DE editor (other than ground texture differences).

you know what im gonna do, i’m making discord server with the goal of bringing people together who are interested in aoe3 scenarios and screenshots. I can share the arena files I have there, if you join: