Arena starts with no walls

Build: 101.101.39515.0 5328560
Platform: Steam
Operating System: Windows 10
Gamertag: Dark

Don’t know what exactly happened, but whenever I start a random game against AI on arena, I spawn with no walls. This started happening when I finished playing on oasis 2v2 AI.

Don’t know how it started but starting a game with arena selected always spawn with no walls.

Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start standard game
  2. Select Arena
  3. Start

Strange bug. Did you already try to repair the game files using the Steam client?

Do you use mods? Disable all and restart the game and try again.

You’re allied with the AI player. Walls don’t spawn between allies.


If there’s no enemy there’s no need for walls.
Makes sense if you think about it.

I had the same issue it was related to some game modes. I had to disable all modes and try one by one to figure out which ones cause the problem i think it was useless plants remover for me but it can be any of them can’t remember now but when i disabled that spesific mod the problem solved

You can see on the side where the AI player has a team 2 on it. I have team 1.

No, that’s the number of the player. The team numbers are not displayed there, but you can tell both players are on the same team because they share the same team score.