Argentina Revolt Idea

Argentina Revolution: Ships 5 Gauchos and 10 Fattened cows

Military Focus: Heavy cavalry, Light ranged cavalry,

Economic Focus: Ranching,

Gaucho: Cavalry, Light cavalry, Ranged cavalry, Gunpowder cavalry,

Cost 220 food, 2 pop,

HP 220, RR 30%, speed 7.25,

Charged bolas attack: 8 range, 28 attack, 2.5x vs. heavy cavalry, .5x vs. villagers, snares,

Ranged attack: 12 range, 22 attack, 2.5x. vs heavy cavalry, .5x vs. villagers, 3 rof,

Melee attack: 15, Armor piercing, 1.5 rof

Siege attack: 10,

Abilities: can enter stealth,

Mounted Granadero: Cavalry, Heavy cavalry, Hand cavalry,

Cost 200 food, 80 coin, 3 pop,

HP 430, 20% RR, 6.5 speed,

Charged lance attack: 80 damage, AOE 2,

Melee attack: 42, AOE 1,

Siege attack: 25,

Blandengues: Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Ranged Cavalry, Gunpowder cavalry,

Cost NA, 1 pop,

HP 160, 30% RR, 7 speed,

Ranged attack: 14 range, 22 damage, 4x vs. artillery, 3 rof,

Melee attack: 10, 4x vs. artillery.

Siege attack: 5,


Land Grab,



Cattle Drivers

Blandengues of the Frontier (changed): enables you to “levy” Blandengues from Town Centers and forts with a cooldown.

Mounted Granadaros: ships 6 Mounted Granaderos,


Buenos Aires: ships one Cathedral, and 3 Lombard wagons, enables you to build Lombards,

Inf 2 Horse Artillery,

Inf 16 Revolutionaries,

Inf 1 Fort Wagon,


Textile Mills,

Criollos (changed), ships 20 Musketeers and Researches their guard upgrade; costs 1000 food,

Outlaw Band,

Inf 4 Mounted Granaderos (requires “Mounted Granaderos”),

San Martin: Costs 1200c; Ships 8 Mounted Granaderos, 10 Guard Dragoons, and San Martin.

Presidential Guard (requires “Mounted Granaderos” “San Martin”): Costs 1500c, 1500w; Upgrades Mounted Granaderos to Imperial Granaderos.

The most basic changes here are a moving away from an artillery focus into a Cavalry focus–both heavy and light.

At the moment I prefer the way the revolution is currently, in any case your suggestion could be taken into account if the developers decide to make Argentina a complete civilization.

Argentina Revolution: I’d change it to Ships 10 Gauchos and 10 half fattened cows and all settler become patricios. (the patrician should have his own appearance)

I know that I mentioned in another topic that the Argentine grenadier could employ a spear, but I said that so that it is not identical to the French Cuirassier. If you really want it to be historically correct, you could give it a charged ability similar to the Carolean and give them a saber to fight alongside San Martin. (by similar I mean that it increases its speed and damage)

The way you built this unit reminds me more of the Infernal. Your “gaucho” should have the same charged ability that I proposed for the grenadier.

If you are really interested in the developers adding a historically correct gaucho it would have to be a mounted villager who specializes in livestock farming. (I should be able to collect cattle 300% faster, like the English with the Fulling Mills card)

I see no reason to add the blandengue as a unit unless you want Argentina to have the state militia mechanics that the United States has, perhaps they could add to the urban battalions and the blandengues could be their improved version.

Blandengues of the Frontier: Ok, I find it interesting that you want the developers to add the state militia mechanic, I suppose that being border defense units they do not lose health like the rest of the militias.

I would add the mechanics from the beginning and give Argentina urban battalions as a replacement for the militias, instead of constantly losing life they only lose it when they are far from Argentine buildings.

Buenos Aires: I’d rather it stay as it is currently, the current card seems built to take the trade route or native positions quickly and that can be a major advantage for a revolution. Although I admit that I would love for the trading posts to also deposit investments in the Lombards.

Criollos: It seems like a good change to me, but only if it also improves the musketeer to match the stats that its consular version has.

Inf 2 Horse Artillery: I don’t think it’s enough for an Age IV revolution, and in your version you removed the machine guns, it would be better to have 4 Horse Artillery to compensate, and I wouldn’t remove the Flying Battery card.

Another card that I would not remove is the Hire Li’l Bombards card, in addition to sending you 3 I would also wish that the factories could produce them and it would increase their production speed by 20%. (it wouldn’t be historically correct, but it would be fun and in the end that’s more important)

I would also keep the Caballeros cards, Hire Italian Elmetti, Inf Cattle Drivers, Argentine Mortars, 3 Mortars and 7 Lancers

In any case, what I would do is change the effect of the Hire Italian Elmetti and 7 Lancers cards a little. The Hire Italian Elmetti card should allow you to train them and reduce their cost by half and the 7 Lancers card should allow you to train it from fortresses, galleons and stables. (the Lancers should be the consular version except for Spain)

For me it is more important that the revs are fun to use. That’s why I maintain my initial opinion, I prefer the way the revolution is currently, in any case your suggestion could be taken into account if the developers decide to make Argentina a complete civilization. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess for me I find historical accuracy itself fun so that’s why I wouldn’t like things like trainable Lil’ Bombards or Ellmetto.

The Gaucho actually would be able to gather quickly from livestock, I just forgot to put that.

From what I found on the Mounted Granaderos they used both a lance and a saber so that’s what I showed. They have a charged lance attack and then fight with a saber.

I will add caballeros back in if it was there, this was a “second edition” of my redesign so it might have gotten lost.

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Everyone has their reasons for having fun in the game and it is respectable, the only thing I ask is that the developers do not end up adding a composite gaucho, I prefer that the Montoneras, the Infernales and the gauchos be different units.

The gaucho is for Argentina what the cowboy is for the United States, a country man who works the cattle ranch very well, a survivor, a fighter and sometimes an outlaw. (obviously they have several differences, but this is the simplest way I have to make it easier for everyone to understand)

If we base ourselves on the Argentine revolution, along with the liberation of Chile and Peru. Argentina will have to have the gaucho as a settler, the infernal as a mounted guerrilla, the grenadier on horseback as a Cuirassier and the Patricio as a revolutionary. It would also have to have the mechanics of state militias where the Blandengues or urban battalions could be placed.

I think Flying Battery should be kept in the deck. Argentina did have reasons to be a revolution of artillery, cavalry as well as livestock.

During the Argentine revolution and while the gauchos of GĂĽemes defended northern Argentina, San MartĂ­n was preparing the crossing of the Andes. In preparation, artisanal cannons were manufactured, created with all the material that could be used. this could be reflected with a card perhaps something like, Crafted Cannons: cannons cost -50% gold and can be upgraded to imperial. (this card could replace Argentine Mortars)

Obviously Li’l Bombards or Gatling Guns were not used during the Argentine revolution.

In general Argentina would have to have imperial cavalry, cheap imperial artillery and a strong focus on livestock.

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What I actually did with this design is based them on the in-game cowbow. But with their charged attack being a Bolas (as well as them having stealth and being able to gather from livestock).