Argentina Unlimited Forts and 1 Pop Gren Cav BUSTED AF

How is this balanced in a treaty game? Look at the number of forts. Two Argentina’s, each gets unlimited forts, Plus the INSTANT 1 pop Gren Cav Mounted Grenadero. Only thing US can do is make Hussar…

That’s after I am concentrating on as many as I can with Mortors.

This needs to be adjusted, this is just broken.

Record Game.age3Yrec (8.2 MB)



Wouldn’t mortar + dragoon handle this quite easily?

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I’m one of the very first player to played Argentina in treaty game.
I had made a post some month ago to inform devs that Granaderos explosed themselves, with friendly fire grenades.

I played Argentina a lot, and I reached the 34th rank in the treaty scoreboard.

Argentina is very powerfull if your opponent don’t know how to counter it.
All range units, even dragoon are useless, because granaderos have 50% range resist.
But, while I win each games I played, my opponents start to think.
I met a swedish who made lot of Landsquenets, destroying my granaderos. I lost, I could not do anything. 950hp landsquenet laugh when granaderos throw them their 30 damage grenades.
As I was going up in the scoreboard, I met more player who counter me, with big HP pool units, and strong mele, hand attack. I start to fear swedish Landsquenet, or Holland Hallebard.
So I start making canoon, to counter hand infantery, but they are age 4 canoon, with little HP, and you can’t spend many ressources on it, you have to make full food for your granadaboys.
Spamming instant train Granaderos drain the economy, even if all your villies are gathering food. You have an age 4 economy.
You will say: I don’t have heavy hand units, with big hp pool and big anti cav damages. I lost versus a USA player too. He was very good, he made lot of canoon and a big mass of units to protect them. Canoon are efficient vs granaderos, becauses they have just 337hp with all upgrades, but you must protect them well.

By the way, german Argentina have a stronger economy, can spam more, but Spanish Argentina have Missionary which buff a lot the damages + spanish gold card wich synergize well with infinite shipment.
I play spanish argentina, the missionary compensate the age 4 canoon, give them same damages as imperial canoon, but less hp, in addition to increase granaderos damages.

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I encountered that once in a 1v1 ranked game.

Not knowing how to react at that time, I won by only spamming Halberds.
As they are Light Cav without anti-ca bonuses, I think now Cuirassier would have been better.

It is true USA does not have tons of melee options, but as Light Cav, they should have taken good damage from Sharpshooters (they have more range) + Hussars to tank the shots would have probably worked fine.

Technically, they are just a Grenadier on a horse. Probably making them 2 POP would make them as useless as their Infantry version.

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You need powerful heavy cav, like cuirassier, maybe carded hussar, unfortunately usa doesn’t have any good cav cards, so it’s difficult for you.

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Yeah unfortunately not… USA did a little better than my Chinese Ally though haha. But in the end, we couldn’t deal with it.

They were worried about Russia having 14 blockhouses, but aren’t worried about “germans” & “Spain” (as Argentina) having unlimited forts?

Most revolutions have unlimited fortifications. This is a balance thing because they give up going to imperial age. An imperial age civ would otherwise roflpown them with ease because of the 50% bonus to unit damage and hp.

I am still somewhat surprised that you lost. Even with such large amounts of fortifications, mortars would force them to go out and deal with you on your own terms. I don’t see how a revolution can win by turtling in the long run.

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