Armor on unbuilt buildings

This is not how this game should work. Please make unbuilt building armor for most building 0/0 (maybe exclude castle/towers/TCs). Or make it scale eg. half the armor at 50% completion.

I’d like to hear any counterpoints.


I dont see nothing wrong with that video… oh well poor eagles.

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There are two problems.
a) It doesn’t make sense (quickwall traps) from a gameplay perspective.
b) It has a high return at a very low risk. This one trap is essentially game-changing and Hera had to invest almost nothing into making this work. Of course, Hera could have still won the game without this trap, but under different circumstances, this would have turned the tides. Are you just supposed to avoid areas with buildings? If so, this promotes greedy/defensive strats on a map like arabia, which IMHO shouldn’t be rewarded this well.

Well you are suposed to micro your army too, I can try 100 times and still cant do what Hera does there. Its easier to micro (avoid being trapped) your army than quick walling like that in my opinion.

The devs did made palissade gates lose their armour before being finished and they also made them more expensive in DE because they were infamously effective for quick walls. So while a future nerf to quickwalls isn’t something unrealistic, they are a huge crowdpleaser in tournaments, so they might remain the same. I guess it depends which point of view is more popular.


Yes, hopefully the devs focus on making the game more competitive and don’t fall to the temptation of crowd-pleasing.

Well sure its fun for the moment as a viewer. But from gameplay perspective its just stupid. The gate nerf turned out to work very good and i would also like the devs to do more into that direction. Defensive play is strong enough already.

Also stuff like above is getting popular at the moment, mainly by Viper and Hera. And I expect it to be seen way more often int the future…

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Exactly! (Filler text)

Agreed, this game is not sim city :D. Only finished buildings should have armor. I’d go a step further and give all foundations negative armor.

Using buildings to trap is harder, using walls to block army and trap sc with a vill is so easy on DE, walls and palisades should have negative armor while they are unbuilt, lets say something like -10.