Arrow system!

I agree there is a problem but idk if this is the solution. I would rather just see units in formation split up their targets more. Right now if I attack move with a formation against an enemy group, they focus fire way too much. Looks unrealistic when a group of 20 archers all drop an arrow on 1 guy. The target acquisition could be distributed better instead. If I attack move 20 archers against a group, I’d expect no more than 5 archers on a target. The option to micro the group to focus fire is there easily, takes one right click with the group. The option to sub-micro a group of archers to disperse shots takes an enormous amount of clicks and is not practical. This game is too APM dependent. I’m already having to click 3x more than other RTS just to make sure my units path correctly and don’t trip on eachother.

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Rather than do splash damage when killed, I would think something like archers throw arrows at a determinate point, and hits whatever is in that point. But then miss feature must be added, like AoE 2, and then all gets harder.

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as much as we might want that, that boat has sailed and the game appeals to a different type playerbase, even if that base overlaps. originally they shouldve had this with a cheap ballisitcs/thumb ring type tech in age 3 or even 2. but that never happened so the majority of players that we ended up with, dont want that it seems

while i think most of us agree on this. its like saying “how do we stop wars? make the world better” easier said than done. we will hopefully eventually get this. but who knows when. eg coh2 AI after a decade still isnt optimal.

I highly doubt they will change the way arrows work in AoE4. That’s just my feeling currently.

Don’t understand me bad, I don’t want the AoE2 arrow system. It was just that makes more sense this then splash damage.

It must be because I played Age of Empires 2 for many years, I want a change in Age of Empires 4 regarding arrows. I like the direction Age of Empires 4 is taking!!! I miss the good mechanics of Age 2, like the arrows, it’s not making Age 4 the same as Age 2, I wanted a bigger dynamic in relation to the arrows!!! Age of Empires 4 looks amazing to me!!! I also agree that this idea is not really the solution, maybe there is an even better solution!!! Thanks for everyone’s opinion, I hope Age of Empires 4 gets better every day!!!

I hope AoEIV continues to become better with each new patch however that’s not the same thing as I want it to become just like AoE2.

Those are really different opinions and I want AoEIV to do its own thing while taking ideas and inspiration from the previous games, that’s all.


u meight want to aktivate windows first.

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