Art of War : French (tutorial/voices)?

Game Version:

  • Build : last build 15/11
  • Platform : Steam

-We have no ‘tutorial/voice’ at the begining of a game in French for ‘Art of War’ mode , just some notification with no voices…
Game start and we dont know what we have to do etc… ( no demonstation,just some notification we have to read during the timer/test . LUL
Play the English version of tutorial/notifications instead of nothing .
The mode is unplayable for me in French atm , its sad cause its cook for noobs like me…


I don’t know if it’s okay to start a new topic for this, so I am replying here: It’s the same problem with the German version of the Art of War campaign. Without voiced notifications during the mission it is really hard to follow them under time pressure.

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its like nobody cares , this game is titanic its sad… where the patchs?