Art of War progress disappeared

Hi everyone. I have got a problem that a little bit annoying me. As two new nations were added in game (Ottomans and Malians) with appropriate missions in Art of War challenge I completed them with gold medals. After a pause with Aoe4 (due to a lot of reasons) and reinstalling back Aoe 4 I have discoveted that 3 of 8 missions without any score and the progres has been deleted?? Moreover my hotkey profile also deleted. In addtion game “decided” to give me Intro lesson again with tips etc.
I am disappointed that the profile progress and challenge progress were not saved appropriately, because some missions were quite difficulty to complete with gold medal, and I dont have any desire make it again.
It would be very nice if my Art of War and all other profile progress would be restored and in the future new MEGA patches or smth else will NOt delete any progress in my account.

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Same here, and in the campaigns all unlocks (movies and text) had the red “has not seen” dot.