Art of War Tutorial - Can the devs add more missions to it?

To AoE 2 Devs,

Besides implementing niche QoL feature like auto-scouting, why not aim to expand the Art of War Tutorial so players both new and old can learn and practice with more challenges.

According to this guide;

Note: find the “Secret Levels” in the guide

There are more missions/challenges that should have been included in the Art of War tutorial but they were either cancelled or left abandoned. The missing missions/not included in the game based on the guide are:

  • Challenge 6 - Fighting/ Units Guide (For Intermediate Players)
  • Challenge 7 - Formations/ Microing Guide (For Expert Players)
  • Challenge 8 - Navy Guide (For Intermediate Players)
  • Challenge 9 - Siege Guide (For Intermediate Players)

I just would like to ask the devs responsible for the Art of War Tutorials about why these missions have been left if they still be added in the future even as some sort of DLCs? As mentioned, these missions or challenges would be more beneficial to new players besides the auto-scouting.

  • Do you guys support that Art of War Tutorials can still be expanded with the aforementioned missions/challenges?
  • What are you looking for besides more missions from the Art of War Tutorial?

Lastly, I don’t recall there are 9 principles according to the narrator in the Art of War. The book contains 13 chapters , can any historian here correct me with this?

As always thank you Microsoft AOE studio, you guys are really doing great work with the constant patches Keep them coming :slight_smile:


I just played through these hidden challenges and think, that they would be great additions to currrently officially published challenges :slight_smile: Had fun microing my units. Only challenge I couldn’t complete was challenge nr. 8, because enemy had 41 ships, not 46.

Meanwhile they have been removed from game, but you can still download them from link published in comments of that Steam guide - download.

I suggest everyone to try them and for developers to polish and officially publish them :slight_smile:


Hotkey/APM trainer scenario is needed. Giving idea of grid based hotkey manner.


Also they should’ve added something to scouting.


Likewise hopefully these hidden missions will be added in the Art of War even as DLCs. I just would like to ask where do you put the downloaded scenarios?

In the Art of War book, the last chapter “Spies” actually relates to scouting. Just wish and hope the dev who did the Art of War missions would read and see this thread.

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Teach a man to fish rather than give him the fish.
Auto scouting was them giving players the fish, what they should have done is make an art of war teaching how to scout properly while macroing


C:\Users\{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\{userId}\resources\_common\scenario
Play them from under standard game :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot. One of the hidden missions even explained the strengths and weakness of each basic military units. I really wonder why they didn’t make through. Basically that mission is what Sun Tzu said “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy , for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

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They should add one focused around how to use monks (Ex: "If the enemy has powerful units like War Elephants, Monks must target them first).
In the loading screens some gameplay tips would be cool (NFS Hot Pursuit 2 has some tips prior to a race).


Good Idea, there should be gameplay tips in the loading screen. Also an Age of Empires Wiki embedded inside the game itself would be great.

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