As a modder, not sure what to feel about this

the PUP just droped and one of the few things noticed are here:

  1. During startup, the game now validates that all sprite (.smx and .sld) files in enabled mods can be safely loaded. If the game finds an unreadable or corrupted sprite file in a mod, then that mod is automatically disabled and an error message is displayed to let you know that there was a problem. This prevents crashes due to changes in the game’s graphics format, or due to errors in a sprite file.

  2. Players are now prevented from manually enabling a mod with broken/unloadable sprites.

they all sound like to target broken mod which seems nice but I can feel that they extend this feature for possible future Skin ONLY DLCs and prevent usage of them? especially the latter part, what defines “unloadable” in their eyes?

i sure fkn hope it doesn’t ever come to that

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Something the game cant read?I dont think skin only mods will get taken out of the game but if there is a paid skin dlc and people are distributing them in mods there might be an issue.

what about mods that make use of those skins? if its part of a mod then how would they decide if its allowed or not. the mod creator make a purchase of skin DLC? but then file would still be getting out thus mod would likely be disabled

no matter how I see it just seems a very bad idea, we can only hope they use it for good


alright some update. from someone I know quite knowledgeable a bit about the game, I was told there are certain things are encrypted though I dont exactly know how it works. base game’s scenario/campaigns being one of them so it shouldn’t be too weird for graphics encrypted as well in the futree (meaning harder to extract them, which imho is alright as long as graphic files/mod aren’t restricted if they do end up including them).

this probably explains why they havent put them out yet even though a ton of players asking for Persians + Huns set changed, probably skin DLC coming out soon for money.

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