As I suggest in AOE 2, I'd like to have new version of AOE can be played in Mac, is that doable?

Mac’s config is not good for gamer, so hope the new version will not consume too much compute power, so I can play it in my Mac.

AoE:DE is a Windows Store exclusive, so I doubt it’ll ever be on Mac. If you want to play the original, I’m afraid you’ll have to use Boot Camp - Mac functionality for the original AoE is not supported.

Microsoft don’t care mac user.

You’ll have to check if the steam version of AoE2 works, because if Microsoft sticks to what they’ve stated then the Definitive version is Win 10 exclusive. If Win 7 & 8 isn’t getting a look then there’s no way they’ll go to the competition

If you have an Intel Mac (most are these days), a decent Core i5 processor, 8 GB memory, enough free space (around 80 GB), then you can use Boot Camp to install Windows 10 or whatever Windows version on your Mac and you can play them all. Just do a google on ‘boot camp mac’.

This is Microsoft game, it will never go to its competitor, Mac. Plus its marketing for Windows 10 and its Windows app store, give me a break.

No. Ms isn’t interested in MaC plataform for gaming. You can found Castle Siege in your AppStore instead.