As Teuton how to play against new civs (from Asia)?

Hi guys,

I like Teutons since the original AoE2, however, now they seem to me rather weak.

Short recap of Teutons:
Excellent infantry, useless light cavalry, almost excellent paladins (no husbandry, why?), below-average archers (missing late game upgrades, missing bracer), average siege units, excellent monks, average navy.

My question is how with this roster I should play against all new civs from Asia. Against infantry and cavalry I can deploy my superb Teutonic knights which si good. The problem arises when an enemy is using archers as support for his attacking units. My knights are slow and weak, my paladins are slow, my archers are like Genoese crossbowmen at Agincourt. I can retreat into cover of my castles with their beatiful bonus of increased range. Unfortunately not many games are won by castles…

Pls, would you provide me with some tips? Personally, I do not know why they do not have husbandry to have something quick to counter the danger… Rams are just capped and it is very difficult to micro manage all units. Imho Goths are in a much worse situation.

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Hi, my opinions are not specifically against asian civs but rather against all archer civs (or just against archer units). In almost all unit choices, teutons are a very slow civ and they get kited around very easily against cavalary or other faster units and archers are good against teuton infantry. Even teutonic knights pierce armor is kinda lower than expected. So good archer civs like mayans, chinese and britons are definitely a problem on mid-late game when they mass archer units(briton and persian xbows are also good even in castle age though.) However, specifically against plumbed archers and chu ko nus(you can add here mongol mangudais and spanish conquistadors as well ), these units are gold intensive and since they’re produced from castle, it is important to pressure them early as much as possible. This is of course easier said than done with such a slow civ, however teuton towers and castles have decent bonus and you can do decent trush in feudal or forward castle in castle age. This is imho very crucial, not just because of the early pressure, but also you make the distance between your troops and enemy shorter, therefore you don’t get kited around in an open map, instead you can dive your opponent head on if needed, since speed is not very important in short distances.
You mentioned that the siege units of teutons are average, but luckily they have access to onagers and siege onagers. I think this is a blessing against archers. Onagers do well against archers and you can push with siege-monk push in castle age. If you can pull this off, you can establish a forward base with a castle drop or maybe forward siege workshop+ monastery or nay other military building+ towers. From this point on, it gets easier. As I mentioned before, the lack of husbandry doesn’t matter too much if you can pull some pressure early on. You can build even paladins as well. You have access to all cavalary upgrades on blacksmith.
So I would treat those matchups as if you’re on a timer and try early pressure. In close maps, I’m not too sure if you can pull this off but I think with scouts into siege+monk push you can pull this off. In the mean time you can collect relics to deny enemy gold and have some security in late game in case it goes south. I might be wrong, so critism is appreciated of course.

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One good Siege Onager shot and you are free to go.

Thank you guys, I will try that.

Teutons is designed as strong but slow civ. In post-imp you can make Teutonic knights or paladins with Siege Onagers and Bombard Cannons behind it which can be a slow but unstoppable force. Against archers, paladins are better than Teutonic Knights. When low on gold and against many archers, you can go for skirmishers with some rams in front to soak up arrow fire. Or try the uncommon strategy of putting Teutonic Knights in Siege towers and drop them in the middle of the enemy army or base.

FE could patch the Paladin that this units fitting to the german folklore of “der kopflose Reiter”. :smiley: Than everything is solved.

sorry this is an old thread but wondering how it worked out for you? were you able to do better with teutons?

as the guys mentioned the hard counter for archers is the onager line (but is micro intensive) but dont forget their unique tech (siege has extra melee armour) will help alot vs chu ku nu (chu ku nu actually do bonus melee damage vs rams mainly, but other siege equipment)

on that same note, dont be afraid to use rams a lot vs archer heavy races(if you’re using any infantry race actually ).

Thank you for your care!

Yes a little bit. I think I am creating siege workshop too late… But I think it would improve:)

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Teutons are awesome actually… their siege units should be capitalized on late in the game. Early you can do a tower rush. Late game their castles can defend most bombard canons. TKs are slow and Paladins are slower so you have to keep that in mind. They’re a defensive civ. Calculate your moves toward the enemy carefully and defend your siege units. You will only overwhelm if you catch the opponent in a situation where TKs will catch them off guard

Yes, but I suffer from my habit of playing in AoE3:slight_smile:

There I preferred to play British and I liked to mass musketeers from barracks near the frontline. Almost the same I do with trash units in AoE2 and then I wonder why this does not work. In AoE3 artillery was for mostly supportive, here it is decisive… So error is on my side but it is hard to get used to it.