Ascent of Egypt Naval Battle Cheese Victory

You can cheese this scenario and win without even five minutes passing. The artifact should be walled off completely to stop this. Or even place a watch tower near the relic. I made a transport ship, sneaked a villager over, grabbed the artifact and brought it back to my Town Center and won at 3:15. If the artifact was walled off this would be much harder to do. I would need to break down the wall.

Here’s 3 screen shots what I did.

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The thing is that they are tutorial missions, obviously if you know how to do them, you can complete the entire campaign in less than 1 hour xd…

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Why even care? The entire campaign is trash honestly. It’s so boring, no story, no ingame dialogue, no interesting levels. I get that it’s meant as a tutorial, but it’s 12 levels of nothingness, and the Punic War is almost as bad quality-wise. It’s honestly a massive let down after the initial three campaigns.


This is the exact reason I suspect the devs didn’t want to port the AoE1 campaigns orignially, they are nothing like AoE2 campaigns (including the ones from RoR) they are very basic and fairly easy


They should never have been ported. They should’ve been redone entirely. You can keep some of the concepts to cash in on nostalgia, whilst still creating a very different experience that’s actually up to standard.


Yes, they ported the original AoE 1 campaigns on top, not those of AoE 1 DE…

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It’s what people asked for, it’s better than nothing and more than what they originally promised, they are free updates…

That being said, I would 100% buy a campaign only DLC with remakes of the original campaigns

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No. It’s a lot worse than nothing. It’s an active disappoint in campaign quality of an unbelievable level, and it adds two new bugged achievements that can’t even be completed.

The bugs will be fixed, and if you don’t like it you can just… Not play them? Idk what the problem is

People have nostalgia for these campaigns, that’s why everyone asked for them to be added, and the devs listened!

By your reasoning they should remove the AoK campaigns, because they are also not exactly up to modern standards, but you seem to draw the line somewhere else… Arbitrarily

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Have you actually played them? These have no story, no ingame dialogue, no interesting objectives. At least the AoK campaigns can usually meet all three boxes. They aren’t up to modern standards, but the quality difference between them and the two new RoR ones is far, far greater than the difference between AoK and modern standard.

It’s just going to ruin the nostalgia though, because people get a chance to realize how bad they are. I genuinely think they should’ve been rebuilt from scratch, to cash in on the nostalgia factor whilst being up to scratch for 2023.

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Of course, the AoK campaigns are light years away from the AoE 1 campaigns…

They couldn’t even be arsed to create hero sprites or unique entities.

It can’t possibly be worse than nothing. People who want to play them can. People who don’t want to play them don’t have to.

The two campaigns ported so far are the worst ones anyway. One is a tutorial designed to be incredibly basic. The other was a demo not even included in the original game. The real ones are coming later.

But they should at least add dialogue and ending narration.