Asian Heroes and Healers Rework

A more proper setting for a Chinese civ in the timeframe of AOE3 could be based on “九边”,“屯堡”,“驻扎大臣”,“驻防将军”, etc. They all involved in a large number of border conflict against both foreign powers and local natives.


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It would be as easy as adding a Mosque to ottoman consulate. Indian consulate is the only one without any lategame buff.

I dont know why it would be OP in supremacy as it would need an investment of export (so no armies from cons) and resources for techs. Also, if you want to send it earlier you would need to use 300 export card (so no units or crates).

This way they wouldnt need 5 training cards, a ridicoulous ammount.

Not needed to be the same exact upgrades

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Who argued it would be OP in supremacy though?

Like, I think everybody agrees that the system the Indians have to compensate right now is very much a tad silly.