Ask the developers to enhance the performance of the Iroquois cavalry later in the game

Iroquois’ cavalry performed very badly in the late game, I know that the overall performance of the Iroquois troops is based on the consideration of the chief’s buff aura, but the cavalry is different, they charge, the chieftain’s aura range does not radiate these cavalry in the actual battle, many players also jokingly call this a nation without cavalry, they will not even have a chance to appear in the treaty game, I do not ask to improve his performance in era two and three, which will affect the strength of the ladder, I asked that he be given a new cavalry reinforcement card in Age #### ## that there were too many Iroquois-based reinforcement cards to be fully used in the Treaty Mode, and I requested that he be allowed to train other cavalry to replace his own cavalry, just like the Canadian Dragoon, so that he could train the Cuirassiers, his cuirassiers did not have as many reinforcement cards as the French, so it would not upset his balance in the Treaty Mode, and I have been using the Iroquois and Lakota for the whole year I love these two civilizations. So I’m not going to ask them to be too strong enough to make them upset, I just hope that I can use the last normal cavalry to improve my game experience, and I hope that it will be seen and adopted by developers

Yes haudenosaunee cav is bad however it is designed as infantry siege civ (mantlet and op cannon). Cav is supposed to be a weak aspect for them.

Similarly Lakota is cav focused and their infantry is lacking and no siege or artillery. So each civ has different focus


I didn’t ask for a strong cavalryman, I know that cavalry is his weakness, but at least it can’t make him completely unusable, just like the skirmishers of the Lakota people are still relatively good skirmishers in the treaty game, like Portugal and Holland they are not good at cavalry but at least they have average cavalry, Iroquois’ cavalry has less than 700 health without the buff of the chief’s halo, and the attack power is only 58, but their cost has also reached 175 resources, Like I proposed that I think training expensive cuirassiers is a good plan, I don’t need too much reinforcement to upset the balance of the game, based on Iroquois’ rich resources in the treaty, he wants to get cavalry at a higher cost, France has cuirassiers reduced cards and more reinforcement cards, but Iroquois can only spend more money to train weaker cuirassiers, but this is better than his original cavalry, this is also a balance, there are gains and losses, let the player decide for himself whether to continue to use the infantry plus artillery attack mode, Or choose expensive cavalry to charge, so that cavalry is still Iroquois’ weak point, but he at least has one more perfect option than he does now

Does anyone know how to call developers to come and see my post, it will be updated soon, I hope developers can see my request?

They cost less, have more range armour so they are better at tanking range fire as well

They have like 1000k range HP compared to a standard hussar 900 and even the british royal guard 960

their attack is also like on par with royal guard hussars from brits once you max it out


They are basically a hussar, which they are meant to be, not a french cuirrasier

if this is somehow useless then all hussars might as well be useless


dont forget with horse secrets as fast as Lakota and quick to produce. kanya are not the best cav but they arent really that bad either and do their job of tanking for the FPs and snaring or beating artillery and or abus type super skirms
haude’s issues has bever been the power of its cav, its their low par eco that cant replace its expensive but very strong units. Which if they pup card to make coin costing units wood goes through, might be better as you can stack wood upgrades in a team deck.

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On treaty (OP topic), their eco is one of the best thanks to cows, 109 vills and fur trade. Their only issue was the lack of wood, solved by huge forest on treaty maps first, and enviromentalism later.

Late game not treaty dude. Stop assuming everything in aoe3 is treaty

I mean, everyone agree that the kanya is overall a bad melee cavalery unit, but it has performed that way since twc. It is in the DNA of the iroquois civ.

Giving them the ability to train cuirassiers make absolutely no sense. In don’t even understand why they have access to cuirassier shipments, they always sided with the British against the French.


Maybe you have to read and stop assuming everything is about supremacy


Of course we should assume everything is supremacy. It is the default. It is called supremacy.

Achieving a value like yours is basically impossible in actual battle, I have already explained that the chieftain buff aura is not large, cavalry is easy to get out of this range, and such a value will not appear in treaty games, the Iroquois community square must keep production accelerating, not attack power increase, ordinary games are even more impossible, let 25 farmers into the community square is a luxury, such a value is meaningless because he does not meet the actual combat situation

I just came up with this plan to improve based on the balance of the game, inspired by the fact that Mexico can train Spanish cavalry and cuirassiers, the United States can train German cavalry, and a year ago Iroquois got the Canadian Dragoon card, then he can now also get the Canadian Cuirassiers Training Card, a more expensive and weaker cuirassier than the French cuirassiers, in the game France can revolutionize into Canada This is not contrary to the same Iroquois also has a large number of renegade cuirassier cards I think it is also reasonable for them to train the rebellious cuirassiers

It is precisely because the Iroquois is rich in resources, so I don’t want to simply strengthen the cavalry to make him become unbalanced, since the British got the Rangers this year he has been strengthening, with new rocket launchers, the negative effects of the thin red line are reduced, the drummer is obtained, from a country without skirmishers to a country that may have the best skirmishers in Europe, drummers plus upstream cavalry combat effectiveness is amazing. Britain can also obtain resources far more than other countries through animal husbandry, he lasts longer than Iroquois because he grows very efficiently, I know how the production team knows to improve a country, the United Kingdom is the best example, they make up for the shortcomings of the United Kingdom, which makes everyone who likes to play Britain happy, I just want to make up for the shortcomings of the Iroquois and not upset the balance

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even not allowing for the warchief buff it still has 900 range HP which is the standard range HP of hussars from Dutch or Port.

if the buff aura is not large, then we can increase that in the lategame as armies get larger.


even without any buffs they are a respectable cav unit esepecially since they are cheaper.

Same range HP, higher speed and specifically counters artillery, they are average and for an infantry civ that is fine

that value was achieved with 15 since the medicine man with medicine wheel

with just 10 medicine man they effectively have the stat of a cav combat hussar in all but melee


with medicine wheel they are better attack wise

like they perform their role well and are perfectly average cav

I don’t know how much experience you have specifically with the Iroquois, most of the comments agree that the Iroquois cavalry is terrible, how many games do you produce ten healers in a 1v1 normal match? In the treaty game as I said, they generally use production acceleration, with the blessing of the community square, each unit looks very strong, but the problem is that you don’t have this time in the normal game, and you can’t use the effect of increasing attack power at all in the treaty game, even if you meet such conditions as you yourself say, he only reaches the average, high risk ordinary gain, then he is actually very bad, if you think he is very good, So can you tell me what kind of process is in place to stabilize having ten healers per game?

The problem was eco in the past, but changing the rest of your units to wood does fix that, I still see a problem in treaty games where hauds could run out of wood in their base if the game goes on for too long, maybe they should get some sort of infinite wood source you can task your villagers to in age V.

I have another solution to this problem, I think I should give the Iroquois an exclusive market card, so that he can always exchange food for coins and wood at a fixed exchange rate, as long as the exchange ratio is controlled, he can solve the problem of gold and wood after it runs out without breaking the balance, because compared to the Iroquois food production capacity, his gold production efficiency is too low, and the wood will be consumed, so that he only needs to produce food. Then exchange 1.25 food for 1 wood or 1 gold, which I think is reasonable

While I agree that getting medicine men is not the easiest thing in the world.

My argument is that they are average cav even without any buffs from either the plaza or the warchief, especially since it is cheaper.

like to compare to a very similar unit that most people will consider good this is the stat of a lategame naginata (without shogun or golden pavilion) to be comparable


It has more HP sure but they are both have other ways to increase their stats and they play their respective foll in their civs

if you truly think its bad then why not just buff the unit since either way you are introducing the ability for haud to overcome their cav weakness or increase the warchief aura range.

Just give them 10 more HP and increase the warchief aura range if you want them better

You cant both want for haud to not overcome their weak cav while also giving them a new cav unit that is stronger, they contradict each other.

Haud is already getting a change next patch so that all non artillery units will cost wood and food and they have a built in increase wood yield, so their wood will effectively never run out.

i can say ive played haude in 1v1, teams, and treaty vs some high level and often 1v1s on qs and play teams at a decent level albeit hardly a pro player for a long time and while i cant explain them like kevin or ungurs could, i think can sum up the stregnths and weakness of kanya in the following
1v1: kanya shipments are great value, 4Kanya in age2? kickArse and best after 4 axe rider in game to harrass opponents. 6 in age3? yeah buddy. they also macro the same as tomohawks so haude can waterboom easily with this macro. kanya/FP is a very popular mid game comp as well as the kanya plus raw damage of FPs plus WC buffs and plaza dances is just so good if you have been keeping pressure up. No matter what you do as haude in 1v1, games are often decided by 15 min since your eco does not scale especially on land. your eco does not replenish losses so you need to take decisive fights with kanya when you ship the good shipments leverage that tempo and use every little trick like WC crackshot or native techs to take fights that keep your mass at par or better than opponents. you see tomo kanya often in long age2 games, which haude loves since their whack eco isnt always falling behind especially if they get water. age3 comps often take them as well. hardly a underused unit, they do their job very well in 1v1.
2v2/3v3: haude poor eco scaling on land is a liability here. That said, using kanya shipments and cuir shipments plus tomo, aenna, FP, and then late game you want to move to light cannon/fp. Haude is not a good team civ tbh but its tenable and the kanya shipments plus ability to tech switch out of tomo is good. also, late game, plaza stretches their value. late game range is key so kanya dont need boost as put simply, rarely are hussar dominating at high level play when goons and walls are plenty. its servicable tho, as other pointed out with high hp it does its job of soaking up damage with high hp. Its already a solid unit the issue here is haudes shit eco makes massing and replacing them bad, which in teams where fights are bigger and often longer this is problem.
Treaty. Haude’s eco here is actually strong (cow boom, plaza overpop/fertility/damage boost switching, super strong artillery and units) but wood costing units always at disadvantage due to gathering slowly and trees running out. this is why kanya and tomo rarely seen there, nothing to do with their stats. with 500% longer trees and now additonal 100% base and ability to switch macro to wood, we might see it more. as is, haude FP/MR/LC and merc shipments simple just does the job plenty fine. haude is very strong here if you have the apm and patience to do the eco tricks (plaza, cow boom).

native civs are tricky and you cant just attack move spam shit with them. kanya are great value for what they are, tanks for haude to use to screen, snare, and sometimes scapel out artillery or shit like abus (btw otto is just shit matchup these days and is op so lets not compare anything to otto) while the FPs, tomos, ligth cannons, MR do the actual killing. that said they will demolish skirms they catch. its not the kanya, its the lackj of eco to spam these that is the key issue- cav civs like germany france china all have eco to set up a point where they can better toss away cav and tank heavy losses. Haude simply isn’t set up for that