Assembling Gates and TCs from pre-existing reskins

I have a problem with modding. See I got the (colorful) Aztec architecture pack for HD from the Age of Kings Heaven website and painstakingly had to reassemble the files with the right names (those I could ID) and recompile them into DE format. all of them had numbers I don’t understand but seem tied to the Independent architecture datamod

Now it’s working but I have a problem with the TC pieces.

See I got the following pieces I can Identify
Right Awning
Left Awning
And center building

I put the center in the b_Meso_town_center_age3_main_x1 and the stage right and left awnings in b_meso_town_center_age3_front_x1 and b_meso_town_center_age3_center_x1.

All pieces appear and the awnings are aligned with each other but floating far above the columns of the main building. So much so they look like they are flying away or Abe Vigoda’s eyebrows stuck in an expression of utter surprise.

How do I fix?

Also, the gates are mechanically working but some but not all are misaligned and I only got one gate file from the pack.