Assertive Seawall AI

Hello there ! I’ll dedicate my first post on this forum to your mod.

TLDR: So far good job with your mod. My skirmishes have become much more interesting with your AI.There are elements that could be improved. More on that below. Feedback is for 1v1 supremacy against extreme difficulty.

Compared to other AI mods I tested (Hammerhead AI ; Enhanced AI and Better AI ) the assertive AI has the best variety of strategies for 1v1 supremacy, reacts quickly to my army composition with counters and has somewhat sensible decks. I appreciate the randomness in the decks used as it forces me to scout the deck (good practice for multiplayer).

As for pain points that (I hope) can be adressed quickly :

  • The ottoman AI seems to be in love with the 6 muhbir shipments. Against Japan it absolutely makes sense. Against anyone else this is hilariously bad. Can you massively reduce the frequency of appearance of this shipment ? Or make it appear only when facing the Japanese ?
  • Native civs (esp Lakota) appear to love using the ATP shipment in age 1. Generally speaking the AI seems unable to properly use ATP.
  • On the other hand I rarely see malta use the German tongue shipment. Nudging them toward this could improve variety of gameplay.
  • The AI too often ignore treasures that are in base and rushes straight under my TC and attempt to steal “my” treasures, usually resulting in an hilarious treasure heist by one of my settler.

As for problems that (I think) are much harder to solve :

  • I play on extreme difficulty. The age-up time of AI is still ludicrous (german in age 2 at 3’30" say hi). I don’t know how to fix that considering the AI has an extreme advantage. Practicing rushes agains the extreme AI is impossible and the “fair” difficulty level crumbles under the slightest pressure.
  • The AI is not capable of “timing” pops (minutement+shipment+batches). I don’t know if such a thing is possible but having that feature would be top notch.
  • The AI is also oblivious to the use (or lack of use) of minutement on my end. Very often, the AI successfully punishes me for being greedy, is under my TC with my MM spent my population capped, and my eco inside my TC yet retreats out of the blue instead of finishing me off with reinforcements.
  • The fort shipment is usually an ace in the hole against the AI. It prefers to attack the fort when it should go maximum greed (usually age-up and make canons). Although sometimes the AI pushes the fort with a sufficient army to punch through. Malta does that often with a horde of flame throwers.

Anyway those are my 2cents. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad it’s working out! I’ve already incorporated some of the changes, and they’ll be included next time the mod updates.

I’ll just make it so the AI never picks those cards. I don’t want to try and parse out the niche times when you should be sending spy shipments.

Sounds like a good idea. In my testing they put it in their deck about 50% of the time, so I’ll reduce that to about 15%.

I gave it a small nudge. It’s now in the category of “important” cards, underneath “always” and “very important”.

Unfortunately this is quite a bit of work, and I’m not sure if I’ll get to tackle it in any meaningful way.

This is a tough one. The AI is often so inefficient in transition and immediately following age-up that even with their faster times they aren’t actually ahead. Humans can send two villagers forward in preparation to build a forward barracks, but the AI waits until after age-up to make the building plan, then select the settlers, then start moving forward…

I’ll definitely take a look at this. Especially with the AI trying to pull off fast fortress and fast industrial strategies, timing a defense has become a lot more important.

Edit: I think I’ve got it figured out, at least for military shipments. If a military shipment is coming it’ll try to time the town militia with the shipment. The AI already favors military shipments when under attack.

I can take a look at the retreat logic again, maybe put in something for a TC at low health?

I’ve recently added in a rule to try and turn extra greedy if a player is turtling… I think I should revisit those conditions to try and get it triggering more often. A single fort in-base in a 1v1 game is probably enough to see that an opponent is turtling and not in a position to go on offense.

Yo lo que noté en la IA es que últimamente están creando animales de corral pero una vez engordados no lo consumen. Juego en dificultad muy dificil

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I’ve noticed that also, though I’ve definitely noticed them gather from livestock also. I think I tracked down the issue, I’ll have to test it out over the next few days, though. Plus we need to hope the plan is smart enough to only gather from the fattened livestock.

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Tranquilo, no te preocupes, ya lo iremos testeando jeje. Siempre termino llevándome todas las ovejas engordadas del enemigo a mi base.

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42 mins into the game it looks like they are all still gathering! Plus they only seem to gather from the fully fattened ones. I watched blue’s pen fully fatten before the villager came over.

It’s hard to tell without watching them, though. The pens always have a decent number of sheep on them so even if they are gathering, you’ll find a lot of sheep when you take over the town. I’ll increase the number of gatherers and see if that makes a change.

Here’s some more serious gathering:


Uploaded the changes 2024-04-28T07:00:00Z

Also included a change to the military building placement to favor front/back depending on the strategy and age, and allowed the base to expand faster.


I’ve been playing with this mod and it is awesome! The endless waves of enemies had populated my nightmares, and that is a good thing! AI put a great fight in Expert mode, 2 humans vs 4 AI (10,10,10,10 economic advantage). They surround us with walls, resist the siege, coordinate attacks, even have a wonderful timing for talking…
until last update.
Since, like, two weeks ago, they had not fight with the same strength. Yes, they micro their units, specially the dragoons and artillery, but the fights aren’t the same. Can you check this?

And, in another hand, if they dedicate more resources and/villagers to rebuild their military buildings, they could be fighting more.
Wonderful job!

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Oh no! I’ll definitely be looking into this. Unfortunately there’s been quite a few changes recently so it could be many things.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that, particularly against higher skilled opponents, if the AI tries to fast fortress and leaves the humans alone too long then the humans will catch up in score and the AI will stop attacking. Since they didn’t attack in Age 2 either, they can feel very passive.

Does that describe what you’re seeing, or would you say it’s something else?

Ehm, I play mostly in Treaty 30m. After the first round of brawling, they slowed the peace too much in recent patches, but in previous iteration, they fought like monsters.

Thanks! Do you remember about what day your last good game, and first bad game were? There have been 7 version in the past 2 weeks.

AI Star Forts coming soon!
Below are the smallest sizes that still contain gates. I can scale them so I’ll come up with a version that can fit an outpost on the corners.


I love this so much !
Would be insane if the AI tries to get the factories in it


Maps are only so big… but yes I can easily plop these down wherever I want. The forward base was a natural first choice, but now I’m wondering if I should try and come up with a geometry that works around the entire town. Maybe add on some half bastions and stuff like that?

Example of the smaller one shown above:


Updated 2024-05-10T07:00:00Z. The wall placement is going to need a little more tweaking to avoid building them in bad spots, but this is a bleeding edge style-mod!

I found an issue making it much less likely for certain enemies to build forward bases, and instead they would put their fort in their base. Hopefully that solves the issue you were experiencing.

2024-05-13T07:00:00Z Fixed a big issue where the AI was supposed to wait until they reached age 3 or 4 to attack when trying to FF or FI, but instead were waiting until their opponents reached age 3 or 4.


I’ve fixed a couple things that were probably leading to what you were experiencing:

  1. Fixed an issue causing the AI to not attack until the enemy players reached a specific age (should have been their age, not the age of the opponents)
  2. Fixed an issue preventing the AI from building a forward base in many cases

Hopefully this brings the pressure back, but I would appreciate you letting me know if it doesn’t.

Suele solaparse las bases avanzadas en el centro, hasta ayer, veré como se comporta la IA con los cambios que dices. Hace mucho que no veo a la IA construir fuertes, me hizo acordar a las primeras versiones del juego

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I’ve been meaning to redo the forward base selection, there’s a few things I want to improve on it:

  • Test a number of positions and choose the “best” one, avoiding other forward bases
  • Vary how aggressive the placement is based on disposition
  • Make multiple bases (advancing forward as the game progresses)
  • Incorporate forward base walls into larger wall networks
    • Crownworks and ravelins are already created, but not turned on yet
    • Vary how extensive these bases get depending on the player’s disposition
  • Implement historic fort examples
  • Implement some forts for native, asian, and african civs where star forts may not be historically accurate.

Let me know if there’s any other things I should watch out for!

Showing one of the new forts!


Very cool! Wish they had built it forward instead of in their base, but it still looks like it got built ok!

In one of my games they built a few across the map:

2024-05-16T07:00:00Z Added new fort patterns:

Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Sumter

Haudenosaunee Pattern

Inca Sawtooth


So [wow! I can curse in this forum!] awesome!

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Mind = blown in 20 characters.


@CanineCrown7153 @Moonshadow7475 I’ve got a few more fort ideas in the works, but this should at least be a decent start!

Keep in mind different forts will show up with different probabilities and for different civs. I also have some work to do to make sure civs are building their forward bases properly. The standard wall rings around the town have also been disabled as I rework that system.