Assertive Seawall: Naval Rework

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I was able to get everything below implemented for the euro, Asian, and colonial civs. It still needs a bunch of changes but it’s playable.

For anyone interested, here’s the game plan, very much subject to change. I’m hoping to get some feedback from this so let me know what you think!

Long Term Goal

The ultimate goal is to completely rework the way ship combat and naval combat works in this game. I want ships to have clearly defined strengths and weaknesses that allow different ship compositions to win in different engagements and matchups.

The Counter System

Instead of a simple stat based system, ships will be balanced around their strength at long, medium, and short ranges. Accuracy is going to be implemented, allowing smaller, faster ships to keep their distance and provide accurate longer range fire whereas heavier ships will turn slower and struggle to fire accurately at long range. At close range, however, heavy ships will be able to lay down broadsides devastating to the lighter ships.

Shared Build Limit

Most ships will share the same build limit, allowing you to vary the composition in any number, including maxing out one ship type. Ships are still going to be balanced in other ways, so a navy entirely comprised of Frigates can still lose to a balanced navy. Ships outside of the standard lineup like privateers, canoes, and battleships will retain separate build limits.

Reworked Fire System

Already alluded to in the counter system, ships will change their firing styles at different ranges. Sequential fire, random fire, staggered broadsides, and full broadsides will all be implemented in various ways for each ship type.

Trainable Privateers

Already implemented, privateers can be made trainable via HC shipments or the saloon.

There’s a few more things I hope to include, but these are the ones I know will work. If you’re interested in the concept or you have insight into how the ships behave I’m definitely open to hearing them.