ASSETS UPGRADES - Voices and home city [Request and argument]

:arrow_forward: INTRODUCTION

Well, as an introduction, I was very happy when the definitive edition came out and we got to see all the changes in the revolutions, taking it from just the settlers becoming muskets and card decks being the same to a lot of new representative units and cards hinting to a country’s history.

HOWEVER, I was a bit disappointed that when I selected for example a Chilean unit (Myself from Chile) he didn’t say stuff with the accent or anything like that, It was a copy paste of the default Spanish units, same with Argentina and others.
Same when I checked the home city, It’s the same for every revolution, only flags are different.


:arrow_forward: PROPOSAL

So, what would be cool for a future update?
A revolution city different for every one and the sound assets being done by people from the country.

BUT, I can’t ask for 3d models such as cities, being a change the devs aren’t ready to take even 5 months from now. The models would weight a whole lot for an update, it would take a long long time to make the models and considering there are like 15 revolutions, that’s a whole lot of GB on the 3D models.

That being said, I don’t see why the sound assets can’t be changed first. I’m not sure how much it would weight to record the small sound clips for every revolution unit that requires it, I’m assuming a lot less than 3D models.

Just like with Wars of liberty, it would make my day hearing people from where I live making funny jokes/references like the “Roto Chileno” Saying “¿Que querí?” or “Si po, dale”.
Gets me laughing every time heheh.

I think it would draw a lot more of attention to the game since It’s even more representative to people all over the world, voice acting commissions might not be that expensive either…

Could also be saving up some work if they do decide making some more revolutions as playable civs…

But anyway, that’s my opinion, maybe both are way too much to handle, the devs will know.
Cheers to ya’ll :3