Assistance For Mongols Mastery Mission 2

Can anyone tell me how they complete Mongol mastery mission 2?

Will really appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

Thank you kind warlords!!

Focus on wood to construct a stable and then switch most of the villagers on wood to food. Spam early horsemen. My opponent was playing as the English and they chose to go with longbowmen (probably because they had the Council Hall Landmark) and I killed a few before aging up.

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Thanks for the tip friend!

May i ask what was the mode that got you the accomplishment?

I did it in Standard Matchmaking but you can do it in any mode, even against Easy A.I. or in a custom game with a friend. I forgot to add, stall your age up so that you allow your opponent to train some units. Sorry about the late reply, good luck!