Assuming the next DLC is Caucuses & Western Asia, there is a gap in our guesses

When we got the roadmap, the next DLC was listed as being like Dynasties of India. So far, that seems to be where we are heading, with a new DLC on the way and a Persian rework.

So let’s assume these are connected; the most obvious location is Caucuses and Western Asia, as some of the most requested civs come from there, and Persia has had a long history with civilisations there too.

Dynasties of India gave us a rework of one civ, and three new ones. So, with “we are taking notes” that means logically we should be expecting something very similar here.

Let’s summerise then, using the most logical conclusions.

Rework: Persians

Civ 1: Georgians

Civ 2: Armenians

Civ 3: ???

Here’s the topic of the thread; who is new civ number three? The Georgians are Armenians are obvious due to their size and relevance during the Middle Ages (and late Antiquity). But there is no obvious third choice in the area. Sogdians? Hephthalites? Egyptians? Alans? Yeminis?

Who do you think is the most likely for this potential slot?


I would actually prefer if it was a silk road DLC and the three civs are Gokturks, Georgians and Jurchen

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None of those three civs are really connected, and there’s no Armenians. Wouldn’t make sense.


There doesnt have to be a connection, they just need to have an ynifying theme

And Armenians arent part of the Silk Road theme, I left them out on purpose

And while Georgians are really necessary I dont think Armenians are nearly as relevant as them

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The Armenians had their own kingdom from the 800s to the 1100s, with which they bailed out Georgia on occasion. I think that’s quite notable.

The two kingdoms are so interconnected that having one but not the other would be like having Bonnie and not Clyde, or peanut butter and not jelly. The last one was a bad example, but you get what I’m saying.


If the dlc is going to be like DoI most obvious one should be slavs renamed to rus and add romania.

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I know what happened to Armenians during the middle ages and their story is cool, I just think Georgians are substantially more important since Georgia just was in an slightly higher weight cathegory while Armenia’s whole history is just them fighting to survive against the Arabs and Turks

Nah you dont need both. I know they are very closely related, but I think that doesnt make adding both of them more necessary, since one can potentially represemt the other.


Also Armenians could get added in a later DLC

I think adding the most recognizable civs alongside the less known ones would help adding more unknown cics without hurting sales

Armenians mentioned

“Armenia is irrelevant, we need another Turkic civ despite having Turks, Cumans and Tatars”

Feels like some Azeri propaganda rather than actually trying to give good arguments why another civ against the Turks is bad while it’s good to have more Turkic civs.

Also “relevancy” is irrelevant when we have civs like Burgundians, Sicilians and a falling Western Roman empire which is more of a personal bias when the community has been split between people who are fine with Romans and ones who hate their addition, while some of the supporters saying that Armenians are “too early for AoE2” when they have both kingdoms during the timeline of AoE2.


Gokturks are one of the most impactful civilizations in the AoE2 timeline. Simple as that. They greatly impacted everywhere from the Caucasus to China, and were one of the great powerbof the time

They also cover a branch of the Turkic peoples that has no good representation since Cumans and Turks proper are western Turks and Tatars are mongolised and persianized Turks. I have no bias towards the Turks, I just want the most important civs represented

Armenians are a thousant times more important than Azeris in the AoE2 timeline, they are a decently longlasting civ with around 500 years of independece and a decent impact on the Crusades and the history of the Caucasus.

The devs will add whatever they want, Im just saying what I want. Ofc Armenians have a better chance of getting added than someone obscure like the Gokturks


9 posts in, and none on topic.

What a shame.


The thing is that theres no good answer to your question. It could be anyone

Khazars are prob the most likely, but they are covered by the Cumans already


In fact, during the AOE2 period, the civilizations that can appear in the Caucasus region include: Scythians, Georgians, Armenians, Alans, Avars, Khazars, Azerbaijanis, Caucasian Albanian, Abkhazians, Chechens, Circassians, Daylamites.

All the ethnic groups mentioned above have established independent political entities during the Middle Ages.

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On average, DE DLCs got exactly 2 civs. A Caucasian DLC as I see it right now would include a slight Persian rework switching it to Central Asian architecture while both Georgians and Armenians reuse Middle Eastern architecture with each a unique castle, resulting in 3 Central Asian civs and 5 Middle Eastern ones. It’s the only already existing set which makes somewhat sense for Georgia and Armenia with the exception of maybe the Mediterranean or Eastern European one (oh boy, 8 civs using Mediterranean(Eastern European architecture).

Happy to be surprised otherwise with a new arch set.

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All the ethnic groups mentioned above have established independent political entities during the Middle Ages

Apart from Scythians who belongs to aoe1. Maybe you mean Sarmatians? Probably too early too.

No way it would be too stupid to have Armenians and Georgians with middle eastern set and Christian monks… Even for aoe2.
I’m quite sure they would get a new set if added.

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Everybody has them except for meso civis.


They need to fix this asap. Give us regional monks.


They even had unit skins made for monks too bad they scrapped those without even using them for hero skins.

That’s completely wrong. The Central European one makes sense for the Georgians, while the Eastern European one makes sense for the Armenians. Neither of them would fit the Middle Eastern set at all. Ideally, we’d get a new set, but if we don’t, I can always mod one in with the help of AbeJin.