At least 1 player disconnects in team games, making them unplayable

Game dropped 2 minutes in. This happens a lot with our games. This is my first post, I will keep the enhanced logging build and post all my following games that drop.

  • WHAT TYPE of match of you playing?
    4v4 ranked game
  • WHEN did the disconnect occur?
    During the match, like 3 minutes into the game.
  • Was it your FIRST match of the day?
    Third game of the night, 2 games before was casual lobbies. First game my brother dropped. Did not have the enhanced logging build yet…
  • WHAT STEPS did you take leading up to the disconnect?
    Shift clicked my scout in a large circle around my base to explore the fog.

Brother disconnected few minutes into the game.

  • WHAT TYPE of match of you playing?
    4v4 casual lobby.
  • WHEN did the disconnect occur?
    Few minutes into the game.
  • Was it your FIRST match of the day?
    Like 4th game of the evening.
  • WHAT STEPS did you take leading up to the disconnect?
    Moving scout around. Normal right clicking.

This bug is turning me mad. I lost connection even though I have decent internet connection. I played 5 team games today and in 2 of these I lost connection and in 1 game my teammate lost connection. Why aren’t they fixing it already :rage: :rage:


Seriously why have they not addressed this issue yet? Sending all these logs and they haven’t come up with a reason for why it’s happening? This is really depressing.

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Yesterday played a teamgame 3v3, one of the enemy team got disconnected 5 mins in. Nothing special, to be honest, but the funny part of that match was: everyone just kept playing. Not even a single message from team or enemys about that. This is now so common, players do not even talk about it anymore…

I always report the player that got disconnected and tell the support, or whoever reads these messages that it happened again. Somewhen they should really realize this is a real issue that needs to be fixed, or at least be less harmful to the team (replace the disconnected person with an AI, dificulty depending on the elo (at least in ranked matches)/ make reconnect feature/ at least give the ressources of the person to the team… whatever… everything is better than just ignoring it


Happened to me today twice in a row. And in the game I dropped from, an enemy player dropped shortly after me, my teammates told me. It’s a real shitshow.

Bug report with enhanced_logging enabled reported here: Team game: connection drops 5-10 seconds in the game. enhanced_logging report attached!

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Today I tried to play two games: first one was ranked teamgame -> failed to join match… second game was unranked with bugged lobby (countdown always stopped after it went to 0) so host cancelled it, resulting in an error message that was not removable (an ok button was there, but clicking it did not remove the message?!?). So at the end I spent like 10 minutes in game, not playing a single game… why was this game running way better 12 years ago, when I started playing it?

really good ideas here.

Come on guys there are 4 servers that have green pings which will never cause disconnects. 1 of which is India server which I rarely see anyone play on. Australia servers means their time zone is a couple to a few hours ahead of SEA (where I am) which means that at night I can literally only find SEA or Korean servers which, if there are no games leaves me to pick yellow ping servers such as WESTUS, WESTEU or WESTUK all 3 of which gives me a chance of disconnecting. Literally giving people barely any options to play this game, why has this not been fixed? Since May these issues have been occurring (for me)… we’re already in October!! This is a joke.

Well to be honest: what should they fix here? They can not magically create people that play on servers that are near to your location, can they? I am totally with anyone who complains about the amount of disconnects and the missing feature of reconnecteing, but telling them they should fix where players are online is just not that smart.
Well also you are talking about choosing games on servers, so I assume you try to join a game on a green ping server. Why dont you host your own lobby there? Maybe there are more people thinking like you and thats the reason why no game is hosted on that server?

What are you talking about? My post is basically saying that disconnections happen to yellow ping servers and higher. Currently I have 4 servers that offer green pings, so that limits the amount of servers I can play on. Then there are maps that I would like to play but can’t find any on a green ping server. Which just makes the whole experience really ■■■■ trying to look for lobbies.

Your solution of “just make your own lobby” is right, yeah I can make my own lobby. But you know sometimes people just want to join a lobby without having to play russian roulette and worry about disconnects. Sometimes there’s a lobby that is interesting that you wanna play but see that it’s on a yellow ping server and decide not to. You get what I’m trying to say? I ain’t asking devs to change anything. I’m asking the devs to fix this issue that’s been plaguing this game for over 6 months now.

On a side note. I look forward to major updates every month with the hope that this issue will be fixed. Of course this month is just another “major update” in which nothing has gotten better and I just lost connection again. Thanks DE.

Ok, then I did get your post, in which you complain about not having a game on a green ping server in the first half, and then in the second half mentioning disconnects and again telling that there are no options to play on a green ping server, wrong.

I am totally with you that disconnects should be fixed asap, the solution of creating own lobby just was a try, so you can have a game, that you want to play on the server you want to. And I also feel you, i never create a lobby, just always join one.

Well and concering the update: I think it is a good thing that wheelbarrow bug got fixed (still should not have been such a big thing, but nevertheless we should be happy about what we get). But I have no hope for big upcoming updates, because of AOEIIIDE. Looking at the comments about it, it seems like there are just the same flaws in there as there were, and to some extend still are in AOEIIDE (bugs, disconnects, lag, more bugs, wrong campaingns unlocking etc). So dev team will be busy fixing the game that has a way smaller community…

3 months since july update creating a bunch of crashes… please for the next update in november to fix this issue.

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Ohhhh, sweet summer child…

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This is still happening.

Been since May for me.

yeah drops are back even for me :frowning: is not fun play at all

Hi , I am suffering the same problem as many others. I have been playing fine for almost the whole year, and since one or two months, I started suffering crashes: while I am playing a multiplayer ranked match, suddenly the match freezes, and simply AOE2DE does not respond any more, I have to close it, and no log or explanation is provided. I attach link to the Enhanced Log just created.

More details: i usually play online ranked maps, 3v3, 4v4,… At the beginning it was not necessarily so frequent and or in the first match of the day, but in the last 2-3 weeks it has started to occur much more frequently and even in the first matches of the day… It is desperating, because I tried all kind of things to make sure it is not “My problem”, but I think I have done everything and definitely it seems to be a problem within the game, it might have to do with some of the last couple of Game Updates, since it did not happen back 2-3 months ago.

Please, could you let me know if you have any kind of solution or suggestion, or at least, if you expect this to be solved in the next game update??

team games seem to be a lot more stable recently