At least we want an update to fixed the bugs before the end of this year

There are many bugs in this game such as Maigadi, Culverin, Organ Gun and Architect etc.It is not so hard to make a small update to fixed the bugs.The players of AOE2 and AOE4 will get new ####### least the players should be given an update.That is not excessive.


AOE3 is just like an orphan abandoned by the official, no DLC, no bug fix patch, and even no Twitter for 3rd anniversary :cry:


A motherless child,Ah!


Unfortunately, we get nothing

I’ve uploaded a solution for Maigadi, Mods Single - Age of Empires
It simply reuses the previous Maigadi model. They can implement it with literally replacing one file.
What bug does the Culverin have?

If they upgrade to Culverins Royale and Imperial Culverin their hats will stay in the sky,not on their

And my friend,did you have the solution to fix the movement bug of Organ Gun after send this card Grapeshot?

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Your mod is great my friend,the bug of Maigadi has been fixed.
And If the bugs of Culverin and Grapeshot be solved in the future,that will be amazing.
Thank you my friend,best wishes.

what is the one architect? may you share the link?

well honestly that bug is the least important one imo

Just because the architect build fort too fast lol.

Lamentably, all artillery have this hat bug. I’ve worked on some custom artillery, and modding textures is harder than in other units. And the hats always are below where they should be.

And my friend,I have noticed another bug.If we send the card “Grapeshot” for Organ Gun,their movement will have bug.Sometimes they will not move and just stay where they are,even if we order them to move,they will not move too,just stay where they are.This bug has make the Organ Gun into disabled artillery.
My friend,did you have any way to fix this bug?

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I hope at the very least we get some small patch to fix bugs and make minor changes.
Just something to know that AoEIII is not being abandoned!

I want to throw money at future expansions, I want the new players who picked up the Game Trial to throw money at the full, unlocked game and expansions and I want everyone else to do the same - any you know what, many do want to see AoEIII do well, but we’re at the mercy at being at the back of the queue.

Surely there’s enough momentum from the Trial version and when there’s new social media posts with AoEIII screenies (which, like the game itself are being stuck on the backburner) to jusitify more content.


The best way is the Mircosoft use an update to fix it,but i’m afraid they may don’t want to do this resently.

Via AoEIII’s Discord channel, in response to users asking about updates/fixes/future content:

Inferno Yesterday at 4:35 PM
No news I can disclose right now due to updated NDAs for me, but you know I’ll pop in as soon as that changes!
Also have to be very cautious about what kind of communications I put out across all platforms now and for the foreseeable future and that’s about all I can say for now.

Inferno Yesterday at 4:38 PM
Stuff like this is out of everybody’s control unfortunately but we all appreciate your patience!


That sounds like something significant is on the horizon. I don’t know what, but that sounds like something

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This is gonna be like the berry pics…


That’s how I see it (being a glass half-full person).

I think in all honestly, if after the Free Trial announcement they had no intention to support it, they’d be honest and inform that it’s on an end-of-life path.

Just to reiterate the last (and some will say too long ago) update was a biggie and showed first and foremost that our Devs have a personel interest for going that little further with historical unit skins, names, etc. As I’ve probably said many times before, AoEIII seems like their passion project.

Also, it’s reallly really counter-productive to create a Free Trial version and pull support. I mean unless it was actually the whole game unlocked as a Free version (not a trial!) supported with all the crazy F2P chests, passes, locks, etc to unlock different cursors, HCs, unit skin aesthetics, then it’s downright silly to think that’s the end!

Holdfast musketeers, we will continue to be supported, however all these showponies need to have their updates/DLC first as deemed by the powers that be, far above the Devs. We’ve just got to be patient as boring as that is!

From our perspective, it’s probably more beneficial to make constructed posts on what bugfixes we really need, graphical problems we have, what minor name/unit models need slight adjustments and of course, crazy, indepth, interesting DLC/Civ wishlists.


i so hate this HYPE secrecy communication.

State what you are doing and then exchange an actual discourse with the community.

Far less issues than the berry pics.


That’s NOT their communication strategy with AOE 2 and 4 btw…