At the start of the game disconnected/resigned teammates

today , 3 times in a row, I lost ELO in AOE2 DE because of disconnected/resigned team mates. I play 4v4, 2 times at start my team mate disconnected and ofc others quickly left, and once at start 1 team mate resigned(i mean what the f** if you had to do something cancel or alt+f4 before loading screen ) .
In total i lost -45 ELO , and i think it isnt fair.Im not someone who “cheats”( plugging its internet cable or smth to dont lose ELO) ,however I dont want to lose ELO for this reason because in team rating,imo it is harder to gain ELO than normal rating since you may lose because of your team mates even though you play at epic level.

My suggestion for this problem is, if someone leaves/disconnects in first 1-2 mins , there shouldnt be any ELO change for both teams. There might be some people who abuse this, but if you compare numbers, people who stricken about this > who abuse

There used to be a grace period of 2 min where you could leave without losing Elo, but the devs removed it because it was exploitable. Imo this was a very bad decision, I suspect people who dodge other people/civs to gain Elo are a very small minority, in contrary there are way more people who leave and don’t care about Elo, and thus making them lose Elo is not punishing them but just creates future unbalanced matches.

Since the TG Elo has been shown to be unrepresentative of skill, we should at least bring the grace period back for TGs. Imo this is one of those instances where we are trying to make a game mode be far more competitive than it should be. 90% of TG players don’t care about Elo and shouldn’t care since it is completely bugged anyway.

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I just got stuck on the loading screen of a quick multiplayer game twice, so I wouldn’t think it is malice yet. Seems I’m not alone, so I think it is a (server) bug.

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same thing happened to me 4 times today, I am furious atm(the time i wait for games more than i actually play),because of those 2 things cant play proper games, either players disconnects or freeze at loading screen