Atheism and nomads

Hi everyone.

To get straight to the heart of the matter, I think that most people here agree on the fact that those 2 UT are the most useless of the game (probably the former more than the latter), and I onestly struggle to find another UT that could be put at their same level.

The main problem, is that both civs are actually quite strong, and doesn’t need any buff, so the real challenge is to come up with 2 UT that give them something more, without buffing the civs too much.

So what about this ideas?

- Atheism:
You can get the same gold that your adversary is getting from relics on top of you relics. You should still try to collect them, to stole them fron you adversary and prevent him form having gold, but after the UT (that should be quite heavy on gold in my opinion) you can basically have the max relics income even if you weren’t able to get them before your enemy.

- Nomads:
This simply unlocks the 200 pop huns style, so that you don’t need to build houses anymore. It quite simple, and considering that it would comes only after a castle is built, I don’t see it as OP, but it could ease a bit the rest of the game, without being housed while you are booming/spamming military units.


Yeah i agree about Mongols tech, but about the Huns i suggest to make it that enemy relics generate gold 25%-50% slower but i still think this tech need to remove completley and find something new for the Huns

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I totally don’t agree with the proposition for Atheism, but the one for Nomad is decent. After all when you could just delete your house foundation to receive free pop it was still the second worst tech, so this proposition would be the exact same thing minus some micro.

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You can’t anymore, it was patched. But even if you could, onestly the resources weren’t worth for the micro.

Anyway, having basically the huns’ bonus only after building a castle, I think it’s not OP at all.
The tech could be cheap and researched fast even.

I’m not a fan of bonuses that negatively affect the enemy civs for various reasons:

  • it’s not a common thing in aoe2, and it could potentially create bugs that would take forever for fix.

  • if someone already have a bad matchup, like getting an gold intensive civ (turks for example) in a 1v1, this would only further increase the civs gap, and it could potentially be frustrating.

Another solution, could be a bonus only worth in team games (since in 1v1 huns are fine after all).
Similarly, in the team of the huns, each player get the amount of gold equal to the total amount of relics holded by the team.
I know that in TM there is also trade, but there are also more relics, this could be a nice boost for the whole team.

EDIT: it could potentially be broken though with a team with both huns and aztecs.

Atheism? But the Huns were not atheists :clown_face:


Yeah I know, but before finding a new name we have to find a new effect.

Plus, even though it could be justified as how the romans saw them… even though I know it’s a stretch…

Back to the historical accuracy topics?

They didn’t have universities either

Wait, you can’t do it anymore?

I think they must change the 2nd UT to become a new tech that must be connected to Tarkan, maybe give the Tarkan +3 attack or more hp or something like that since actually it is rarely to see Hun player using them

literally just seen them this weekend. and frankly, huns don’t need buffs at the moment.

I think it will be good to make the 2nd UT give the Tarkan something since this unit is rarely used

which buffs a civ that doesn’t need buffed at all right now. i know this is hard to understand - but by making tarkans better, you make huns better, and then they become overpowered and need nerfs. just to satisfy your need to see more tarkans.
and no, its rarely used in random 1v1. its still used elsewhere.


Yeah but this buff will not change their balance since it will be only an imperial tech that need the UU so it is not easy at all and you will not see it except in late game, it will be better than this useless tech

Also Huns are the most useless Imperial Age civ :stuck_out_tongue:

so it buffs their late game but it won’t change balance. hmm. i’m gonna call bullcrap.

how? paladins, hussar, HCA (which are likely to be buffed soon), and some of the best trebs in the game. find it hard to believe they are useless in the imperial age.

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No counter to Siege, Infantry, Eagles and Huskarls
No Onagers, terrible siege
Trash tier Infantry, No armor on Skirmishers

I clearly remember that it was specifically stated in a patch notes, but I actually never tried, since to me it’s just too much boring micro.

I don’t want for them to have a major buff, just a decent imp UT that actually is useful.

Tarkans are fine, not the best UU, not the worst, they are good vs archers and buildings, they are great at raids and they are one of only 2 standard UU that can be trained outside of a castle.

Yup, but their victims believed they were since they would burn worship places like the rest.

Meh, their trebs aren’t a big deal, they are a bit better, but far from being on the level of britons, japs or tartars.

I mean, yes it’s a free bonus, but it’s not even half more accurate than any other treb.

They’re a pretty good in death match games

They get the bonus instantly for free, so it means for early imp treb wars only celts can hope to rival them.