Atheism - Should be removed from Ranked

I know MS doesnt care what we say in these forums(and wont change anything we ask for) so its just a rant… Atheism is literally useless in ranked games, were the devs just too lazy to put something in its place?

Paper money is debatably situational, but I cant think of any other tech/unit etc that is 100% worthless in ranked play due to the victory conditions…

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Atheism still reduces the cost of Spies by 50%. There is still the very, very, very, very rare occasion where that is useful.


Don’t worry, they are aware of valid suggestions.

In 1v1 Cuman Mercenaries are useless as well (and unless what the wiki says, “getting Elite kipchaks sooner” isn’t an excuse, the Elite upgrade costs no gold) As of Atheism, I guess it’s specifically designed with casual play (and the last Attila scenario 11) in mind. And Huns are good enough as they are in 1v1. During years Huns war where the Meta despite all other civs having both a better unique unit (Tarkans were worse back then) and a better unique tech.

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Atheism should be changed to -No units or buildings can be converted-, that would be amazing and very very unique

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That would be way too op. I think that atheism is quite unique right now and is good for a unique technology. Yes, there are very few situations when it is worth to be used, but do you really want to buff huns, an already top tier civilization?

Not every civ needs a high powered Imp tech like Farimba, Garland Wars, or Furor Celtica. Huns are in a very strong position already.

Definitely too strong, although in another thread, I suggested that Hun units’ conversion resistance be improved somewhat by the tech.

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However, Huns get paladin. The most conversion resistant Paladin in the game is the Teuton one, and it’s slower as a trade off…

Now atheism cost 500F & 500G, if the official team can not make it more useful in the the game, why do not try to make the cost down? Maybe become 200F & 200G. If the Hun’s player have a little extra resources, he/she can gave it a try.

Or, just make it more powerful, such like Spies -50% > -75%, whatever.

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It’s true. The Teuton bonus is stated as 50% more resistant, so Atheism could give Huns 20-25% more resistance without stepping on Teutons’ toes too much. I don’t know that massed monks are used often in IMP anyway, except against battle elephants, so I don’t see this becoming OP.

Whats is your level? i mean seriously why do you even think that could be OP for an imperial UU, on the contrary monks with the random conversion time plus the no delay is making monk strategies broken, don’t you see arena pro games? monks now win over light cavalry and ews 11

Either way i think a non convertible tech with the name atheism should be one accurate, two an option when playing vs monks civs in maps like arena, three an actually usable UT, in the last 10 years or even 15 that tech hasn’t been used in any tournament, not even team games with tons of trade, it is a tech left for very low levels under non competitive circumstances.

If you don’t know how broken monks are in DE you can watch jonslow stream and see what’s what.

Welp, according to this logic Huns shouldn’t get monks at all, just like the Macedonians of AoE who couldn’t even build temples to make for the fact they had a quadruple resistance to monks. Furthermore, the tech is made this way to depict how the destruction of holy places done by the Huns led their victims to believe they had no faith, even tho they probably had a religion like the Mongol’s Tengrism.


What are you talking about? You even said yourself, that it would be “definitely too strong” 4 posts ago

No, he and another poster have the same icon.

The huns do not need a buff. Anything that is suggested that would make the civ better is not a good suggestion unless it’s nigh upon meaningless.

very rare occasion? nearly every second game i get someone that doesnt know when to resign and literally plays until the last villager/military building.


Yeah, it’s very useful for that. :slight_smile:

Very untrue, i’d gladly pay 200 g for spies than 500g 500f for atheism and further 100g for spies…

it took nearly a full 12 months… but it happend… it was me, i personally made atheism change (im joking btw, im just super happy to see all the things i asked for being changed regardless of who’s fault it was, certainly not mine)