Atrocious Chat Filter becuase T90 ASKS FOR IT?

This is so telling.
The developers of this game are so far out in left field it hurts.

This is one of the worst additions I have ever seen added.
Countless threads asking for its removal, time and time again.

But the DEVS only listen to POWER

I have real desires for game mechanics that I could use to bring people to play this game, sadly I don’t have 10,000 twitch followers.
Best I can do is a 1000 person discord


It was t90 and t-west that posted twitts and tagged aoe, thanks to them it was added cause they were losing money due demonetization on youtube, it was so rushed that they implemented it so poorly without the option to disable it for mature people, it hasn’t been fixed it has a terrible chat delay…


I am so sorry to hear that T90 lost some money
I truely feel for him

Hopefully, in the future he can edit his videos and maybe put a little more effort into the youtube cash cow?


Can smbd explain pls what has happened?


Can you post a source for this? I do not monetize any of my YouTube videos (and if there’s ever an ad on one, it’s due to a Content ID match that is monetized by a third party). I’ve even criticized the ridiculous chat filter on my channel.

That being said, the in-game moderation tools are woefully inadequate, perhaps exemplified best by this poorly implemented chat filter. Anyone who criticizes these “features” or asks for better tools is right to do so. T90, along with other members of the community, have been pointing out the need for moderation since the HD Edition.


People troll T90 and other members of the community by claiming the chat filter was added to DE because they Tweeted at the official Age of Empires account and that the problems with the filter are their fault.


custom scenario feels woefully rejected

solid videos

no junk in them

You might be right i could be confusing you with the other guy with the t on his nick which is now a FE developer, if thats so then i apologize, the twitts should be on t90’s twitter or aoe official, literally it was 2 guys just pushing microsoft via twitter, affecting thousands of players because of that complain, it was was unacceptable.

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I dont see any point in this thread. But tbh I stopped watching anything from T90 now, he is just in every single video crying for spec chat… Why should he be able to make money with content people produce that he doesnt even know? Get creative, make own concept, whatever, but as someone who earns his money with watching games you should not be pissed if the players get a little bit of privacy

What about off and on option just for lobby games? Seriously, its not that difficult to implement such a thing and imagine how this could work 11

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OP seems to forget that T90 has been asking for ingame spec chat since DE came out, a request so far not fulfilled by the Devs.

As such, the claim presented, that the Devs only listen to ‘powerful people’ at the expense of everyone else, is exaggerated.


I’ll just leave this here :slight_smile:

What, T90 was a president or something?
What are you even on about?

Since when having lots of followers on twitch is considered power?


don’t forget he mispronounces every other word. loll

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My post was removed, so if obv jokes can’t have NO-NO words, I post it again without those atrocious words. May God have mercy upon me.

Make the filter optional. I had several bro moments during and after games, some trivial Words make entire sentences censored. Writing in Swedish, Finnish or German = insta censor.

It’s CCP. Can’t have blood and gore or potty mouth words if game is to be sold in China.