Attack bonus of infanterie against building after 2 minutes continues fight


Actually it’s very long to destroy building with unit. You can spam building (like the AI) and it’s very long to destroy them.
If arson also have another bonus who help to destroy wood building it could be great.
For example a unit who attack a building who cost only wood continuously for more than 2 minutes, his attack double until he stop to attack it.

Or… Use (Siege) Rams? (20 characters)

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use siege. trebs rams bombard cannons and even mangonels wreck buildings

Because ram are very slow, if you want to clean a place that you conquer and also you have to manage them. Ram are also expensive and you perhaps don’t want to spend a lot of resources and time to clean trash building. To clean a dead oponent with 3 rams it’s very slow.
Canon are faster to destroy building than ram and need less management

Normal rams? Yes, kind of.

Siege ram? If you let 4 or more siege ram lose in an enemy’s town, you’d be surprised how fast those SR can clean up a town. It is without a doubt the fastest way to remove buildings from the map