Attack Command Sticking

Since the new update I feel like someone tied my shoe laces together. I’m 3 games in and it’s very awkward. One bug I’ve noticed so far and I need some advice on how to correct these other changes.

I issue unit commands by selecting the group, using the command’s hotkey (like A for attack) then clicking on the screen. It changes the cursor to the sword so I know it’s doing the attack command on my target, then reverts to the normal cursor. At least it used to.

Since the update, the sword cursor will reappear on enemy buildings after I’ve issued an attack command. Example:
Select group. Hit A. Sword cursor appears. Click on ground near enemy buildings. Cursor goes back to default. Hovering over enemy building makes attack sword reappear without activating the attack hotkey.

That makes me think I have an attack command ready, so I click. But even though the cursor incorrectly displays the attack sword, it correctly acts as default cursor and selects the target. Or it confuses me because I shouldn’t have an attack command prepared, so I click off onto ground to “spend” it, but it was a phantom attack cursor so I get no response from the units.

This is conflicting with another aspect of my playstyle, queueing attacks. I often shift-A-clicked series of targets at a time. Very early in this game I noticed that holding shift A (which is the intuitive way to issue batch commands) glitches out, the game selection goes crazy. So I taught myself not to hold shift A and instead repeatedly press shift+A for each additional attack. Now the update changed how this works… you no longer have to hit A every time, you can just hold shift, hit A once and then click a bunch of times. I really, really don’t like this change.

Now for example when I issue a series of move-attack-move-attack commands, it tries to offer me an extra attack. I select group. Hold shift. Right click on the map/ground to issue move command, then A-click to issue an attack command. Then I let go of shift and everything SHOULD reset to default cursors. Instead, it’s extending one more attack command and holding it for me when I didn’t ask for it.

So in combat I’m rushing trying to issue a series of commands and then I think I’m finished so I let go of shift and try to select an enemy building or something, but my cursor is effectively in attack mode. Best part is shift is released so it replaces the whole queue of commands I just made. It’s so frustrating. Combined with the other bug of the phantom attack cursor I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with my commands. It’s chaos.

I also don’t like the change to the garrison icon appearing on hover. Previously, you had to activate the garrison hotkey before the garrison icon would appear on a garrisonable target. Now it just switches cursor automatically as if suggesting that I could garrison. Which makes me think that I have the garrison command selected. I have to second guess everything I’m doing now, it feels like re-learning the game and I’m not sure I want to do it.

Eventually when these bugs do get fixed I’d be settled and have to re-learn my sequence again. This is why this ■■■■ needs to be finished before launch. I’m tired of this charade.