Attack coordination feature

I think this feature would add a lot of realism to the game, such as seen on the AOE4 trailer where the mongols are fighting the britons and the trebuchets fire (0:46 on official trailer), which may be cool also to implement on archers depending on their current formation.

If there were to be cannons on the game, having the option to specifically target the most dense areas of enemies, closest enemy or barrage fire would also be a massive plus.

What do you guys think? Should more units have these kind of features?


Curious, I’m not sure if I quite understand. In AOE3, if you have artillery, you can choose which unit specifically to attack. Generally speaking, it makes sense to attack units in the more densely populated area of their mass to do the most area of effect damage. So I think the idea of specifically targeting areas/units is already available in the previous age games.

Are you suggesting that cannons might auto attack the denser populations if there is no micro involved? I could get behind that. Nothing is worse than you messing up your micro for a second and your falc decides to start hitting a house instead of enemy units :joy:

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