Attack Move, Trebuchets unpacking/packing, and farm reseeding issue

Game Version:

  • Build (34793)
  • Platform (Steam)


- Attack Move doesn’t work properly: Whenever I have a group selected either in Aggressive or Defensive (Not Stand ground or Passive) and I use the Attack Move command they start attacking the enemy in their path for a short time then move to the waypoint disengaging and ignoring enemies close by and then start attacking again. Sometimes this results in unnecessary deaths. I’m using the Patrol Command as an alternative but that’s not a viable option sometimes.

- Trebuchets Unpacking/Packing issue: Sometimes Trebuchets will stop unpacking/packing in the middle of the process and return to their previous state. This happens to for example 1 or 2 of a group of 4-5 which is what I normally use in campaigns.

- Villagers leave their farm: I’ve noticed a lot of times that villagers will just leave their depleted farm and go reseed another farm that’s already being used by another villager. Example: Villager 1 is in their farm, it depletes, they go deliver the Food to a town center/mill, while this happens Villager 2 depletes their farm and go deliver the food, Villager 1 moves onto that farm leaving their original one behind but Villager 2 owns their farm and Villager 1 just goes idle.

Reproduction Steps:

For Attack Move:
Have military units attack move a group of enemies placing the waypoint further beyond those enemies. Aggressive or Defensive stances.

Group up several trebuchets and have them unpack then pack up. (This doesn’t happen all the time).

Villagers leaving farms:
Have a bunch of farms around and allow depletion and reseeding.

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