Attack move & units halting

i dont know if this is mentioned before
but when u select your army and attack move on an enemy, when that enemy is killed your entire army stop moving (including reinforcements), i dont know if this is intended but imagine and attack move would mean all your army will fight their way to that specific location and not stop on first combat
i imagine a solution to reapply attack move to that army until the target distination is reached or the player cancels it

PS: could you make attack move prioritize enemy army IN LOS more then buildings? it would help alot

Thank you


If you attack move on a unit, when that unit is dead, the command is complete. Right?

I feel like the way your units are affected by enemy units/buildings going back into fog of war needs to be updated. Have so many times encountered my units just stopping and not moving multiple times after giving attack command, they can have so much trouble chasing units into fog