Personally this single command or game feature is what separates SC and AoE (1&2).

Ensemble Studios added this to AoM (if not as late as AoE3), but it seemed that due to game engines it failed to function as it did in SC. Although I can now get it pretty okay on the AoE3 from Steam.

To note that improving this feature would also require a significantly more optimized unit AI script (in comparison, this was improved in SC II so that units are far less likely to focus fire and thus overkilling can be significantly reduced).

So I would be overjoyed if this feature will be added the new Age if Empires. I wonder if anyone shares this opinion?

Ensemble Studios and Blizzard North are 2 equally great studios to me, I find them similar in that they both produced timeless RTS masterpieces, and that both ceased to exist already…

It’s going to be in DE 100%

That nice feature.

Good to know, thanks.

AOM HAS ATTACK MOVE ?? :open_mouth:

AoE 2 HD African kingdoms have this feature too.