Attack Sounds of ALL UNITS dont play in Singleplayer after playing a while

Game Version:

  • Build (33059)
  • Platform (Steam)


After playing a while, campaigns and Random Map in Singleplayer, Attack Sounds of all units (including monks, boats etc.) stop playing, making for a really silent game

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Unfortunately I am yet to figure out the exact trigger. It just happens after playing a while…

Sound bug, so no screenshot…


I’ve also ran into this issue as well. Music works fine, you hear some sounds but for the most part, unit action sounds seem to just top happening. The only commonality I’ve found is long play time.

Can confirm this issue

Experienced this myself last game. Most sounds stopped working after about 1:40 minute mark (yes, it was a stupid long game). Can attach a recording if required.

I tried to solve it by saving and restoring the game, but the issue persisted (very weird).

Edit: Ok so loading the saved game after restarting DE works. Which means it’s probably a memory leak problem.


Yes this is happening often for me too, on steam during long multiplayer games. Doesn’t seem to be linked to alt+tab or anything, sound effects just seem to stop after a while, leaving the soundtrack playing.