Attack speed is an incorrect name for the parameter it represents

In the game we can ofter see “attack speed” parameter describing the time the unit/building takes between its attacks. By definition, time does not equal speed. Either the parameter name or what it represents is an error. It should either be renamed to “attack time” / “time between attacks” or should show the number of attacks per time unit instead of time.

Example for the villager tooltip:
Is: 3.88s Attack Speed
Should be: 3.88s Attack Time
OR should be: 0.26 Attack Speed

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Yeah agreed it’s really misleading.

As you say it should be

Attack Speed: Attacks per second


Attack Time: Time between attacks

Does anyone know, do they do it this weird way in CoH as well?

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No promises, but there has been some discussion about this internally.

Appreciate the feedback!