Attacking through walls

Please fix melee units being able to attack villagers on the other side repairing the wall.

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Hey @Crackedy9174! Which type of walls are you seeing this with?

Pallisade walls. I’ve seen this many times so far, melee infantry being able to hit villagers on the other side of the wall while they’re repairing. Also knights and horsemen. It is possible to avoid this by microing your villagers to repair the wall from another angle, but due to pathing and hitboxes its nearly impossible.

Interestingly enough i have not found another forum post about this issue yet. When i have the time i might record this happening again / might also find it in one of the games ive played and link it here.

Yes its common on MP to attack the Vills behind walls

I haven’t came across this while playing however I do know they can attack through gates and sometimes if it’s a wall next to the gate and the villager is close to the gate.

Thanks, all. We are aware and looking into it!