Attacking to fast?

Really love the new AOE already! But why is AI attacking sooo fast in single player?
I really want to train and test so i’m doing skirmish or co-op vs. ai with a friend, but there is not even a chance to build an steady economy to have enough resources or you’ll getting be attacked.

It’s on each difficulty level. Am i missing a option? or is this standard?


The approach I’ve come up with is get to feudal quickly, collect stone, and stonewall a really big base. The AI tends to attack in a fairly straight line from where its base is, so prioritise walling that direction first. Make your base include your route to the neutral market you’re going to trade with. Add stone gates, put archers on top of the walls, and make some spears in case the AI is really persistent with rams. I found that once all that was in place, it stopped bothering trying to attack me.


If you want to test you can just avoid playing vs anyone at all. Or give yourself an ally. However the ai attacks are so bad and so slow they are no threat at all, any type of strategy you want to plan should be able to auto win vs this

I agree they advance and attack fast in 1v1 against AI. I guess the computer will always have the advantage because they dont have to click a mouse. They just think and it happens. I encountered this years ago playing Starcraft. I wish they would buffer in the account it takes humans to ponder and think a little bit and make selection vs the computer doesnt do that. It kind of sucks in a way. I want the challenge of battle but also want to build a big city without having to struggle so much and enjoy the building and developing phase of stuff like old Sim City and Civilization. If they could build that into the game it would be more well rounded for those that want a little slower pace. Then they could reach a bigger audience imho.

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Yeah, the AI (even if they are inefficient with their economy) can be very difficult for newer players to fight. Relic should make an easiest ai that will only attack with like 2 units maximum and keep around 20 at home to defend. You basically have to age up to feudal before 6 mins and make around 10-20 military units. The AI will attack around 9-15 mins so if you keep your timer enabled on your screen, you should be able to predict an attack.

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