Attck move nerfed in a wrong way

The attack move is nerfed in the latest patch. However, the devs do it in a wrong way. Instead of fixing the buggy unit passing, it adds a large delay to it, making it useless compare to patrol and stop. This change should be revert.

edit: the formation related boost is indeed fixed


It stops crossbows reloading super fast and moving super fast. So, it’s fine.

Melee units now have a chance to fight crossbows. Since they can’t move away so fast, and reload super fast.

They never reload faster with attack move. Zero delay is how a responsive game should be like.

Eh… they do. It cancels the reload delay. Allowing crossbows to fire faster than they normally do. It seems that way, anyway.

Are you talking about the 2.0 second reload, or the 15 frames frame delay? I am sure the former can’t be canceled. Otherwise you have machine gun xbows regardless of your civ

You’d better test before making such a wild claim.

Attaching D3rp’s test (he doesn’t think it’s a bug):