Audio help please


Playing AOE 3 on a Windows 10 machine and some of my ingame sounds drop out. Like home delivery notifications, being attacked, vils. I still get some sounds though. Happens most games after about 5 minutes when playing online. Against AI still happens but not as much

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Any help appreciated.

Hello, attempt to play with both Windowed mode and Vsync enabled in game options.

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bump… anyone?
any fix for this?

Did you try my suggestion? I think that’s the only fix. I guess you could try some sort of frame limiter software, but I don’t have experience with that.

yeh it hasn’t worked yet :frowning:

Someone in game said the only thing to do it restart the game after every match. For 1 game the audio works

It is looking like the Vsync only is working today. If this fixes it thank you but my gaming laptop might struggle in the big 3v3 battles trying to keep 60 frames without exploding.
Looks like quitting the game after every battle and restarting is working too but only for 1 match
You’d think there would be an update for this when there is still people playing such an old game.

I am not the only one experiencing this

Last update was 10 years ago, there will probably never be another one unfortunately.

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Yeah just buy the Definititve Edition

Thanks for your help looks like vsync has done the trick

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