August 2017 Contest


One of my Favorite Cities I would like to have is a Town protected with walls, surrounded by a ditch with a bridge that unites the river with the shore. Inside there’s a road that stretches around the city to all locations, sorted by Economic, Religious, Civilian and Military buildings with an Aqueduct that supplies water to its residents, and its main square for all (Friendly) visitors :wink: that would like to take a walk or have fun inside the Coliseum. The city is sorted at specific locations for quick access to every need, this is for me the best way to have an organized and practical management for my troops and villagers so they can get its maximum effectiveness during game-play.

Main City Entrance: Decorated with a triumphal arch of former glories that leads to the main gate to enter into the town center. (the bridge is flanked by one dock at each side)

Town Center: The Town center is filled with farms, a mill with haystacks and villagers to help the agricultural part of the city with its production in a organized style.

Military Training Camp and Recruitment: Here Soldiers, prepare themselves together to improve their skills ant abilities to fight and defend the city of intruders, this section of the city is organized by two Military buildings of the same type(Archery, Barracks & Stables).

City Center: Once my citizens are in need of entertainment they can go to the old coliseum to rest and have fun with the plays and sports that are performed inside.

The kingdom’s city mines: Here is the most treasured part of the city, which hold all of the mining resources to increase the economic reserves in time of need.